I envision a world where you can tell your story and make it an integral part of your marketing. Where we are more human with each other, collaborate for positive outcomes and our feminine energy radiates through everything we do!

I'm Debbie aka debbiedooodah, in my day job I coach female entrepreneurs to create profitable businesses. I do this by concentrating on three areas;

  • Story (this is the one you tell yourself and the one you share with the world)
  • Social (supporting you to develop your online marketing skills)
  • and Strategy (looking at funnels, pricing, customers and more)

I work with women that hold themselves back, don't charge what they're worth, that tell themselves that they're not special. 

I want to stop all this and support you to create the life and business that you deserve to have. We might even go a bit 'woo woo' and talk manifesting and making money (I'm the sceptics manifestor - and it really does work!)

I'm here to help you step outside of what's happening now and go after your wildest dreams.

And who am I to do this you might ask?

I've been working in communications and marketing since the turn of the century! Some of my highlights include working on the Boots Health & Beauty magazine and starting up a new social enterprise with £750k funding from my local council.

Blue Stockings network - copyright Ursula Kelly Photography

In 2013 I set up my own digital marketing agency Heard Media, managing PR and digital marketing for good businesses.

And in 2016, I launched myself as debbiedooodah
teaching women in business how to market themselves and their products and services.

In that time I've coached over 140 businesses and am now a regular guest lecturer at 4 universities. I also co-founded the Blue Stocking Society; a network for entrepreneurial women with over 900 members and monthly meet-ups.


I want to share all the knowledge, care and love with you, to support you to go after your dreams.

I'm not fluffy, I'll be honest with you and together we'll create a profitable business that fits your life. There's no one size fits all approach to your business, your marketing or your strategy. I'm not your average bear, you're not the average bear either. Who wants to be an average bear?

I want you to create a business that means you'll be financially free.

It was refreshing to meet a lady that operates her business and conducts herself in an authentic way, coming from the heart. Debbie radiates enthusiasm, has massive amounts of courage and wisdom which shines through.
— Future Factory, Nottingham Trent University