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Developing your Personal brand

In this section I'm going to be teaching you how to develop your brand, so that you can raise your visibility, get your future customers to know, like & trust you, and build a sustainable business!

Everything is about building a personal brand at the moment, millennials have them, politicians wan't them and as women in business you're going to need one.

Aside from the buzz word, personal brand just encompasses who you are, who you serve and what makes you different. From this information you can even work out your niche (there will be more on that later!).

People buy from people they know, love and trust and more importantly connect with. So for people to connect with you, you're going to have to let people into who you are and the difference you make.

These 3 workbooks are designed to be printed out and worked through. Carve out an afternoon or an evening to go over each one. You might not have all the answers to all the questions, but it will get you thinking.

Thinking about how you can stand out from the crowd and raise your visibility x

Your workbooks