Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have the skills to create a kick arse marketing strategy, the confidence to shout loud about what you do, and clients bursting to work with you?

That's where I come in!

Are you bored of blending in, struggling to define yourself from your competition and prove the difference you make?

I work with fabulous women in business, who need clarity over how to make the most of their on-line profile, while gaining confidence to really push their business forward.  We’ll cover how to celebrate your unique story, how to market your brand and the strategy to pull it all together.

It can be really difficult juggling a business with your personal life, keeping the money flowing and creating opportunities for new customers to find you.

After running my own business for over 6 years I know just how hard keeping all those plates spinning can be:

  • You’ve got to make time for friends and family while growing your dream business

  • You need to ensure you’ve got enough money coming in every month to pay those bills

  • And you need to constantly be generating new enquiries while keeping your current customers happy

If that’s how you’re feeling right now, you’re in the right place.

Debbie is AMAZING. Literally Amazing. Being part of Indie Freedom Seekers and working with her has been one of the best decisions for my business. She is totally on it, very kind and caring and just lovely to be around. Also very switched on.
Thank you, Debbie, I hope we can continue working together for a long time - I really value your input into my business!

I don’t know what I would have done without it.
— Emmie Faust - emmiefaust.com

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Work with me 121 over 4 sessions, mapping out your brand and creating a social media strategy so you can go online with clarity & confidence and grow your business your way.

Working with Debbie has been an amazing experience - she makes every session fun and creative, which I adore. It’s like walking into a sweet shop as a child, there’s just so much she can support with and I got the ultimate “pic-n-mix” experience tailored to me and my business.
Every session was jam packed with information, advice, support and followed up with solid action.

Debbie is a genius at all things social media and has been key to me not only using it more for promotion but also helping me see the benefits in using it to build real lasting relationships with people.
I would definitely recommend Debbie to anyone thinking of working with her, she’s unique and so very different to any other coach out there that I’ve come across
— Nisha Kaunda - Nisha Kaunda International