Grow your Business - become an Indie Freedom Seeker!

Do you feel like you’re trying to do everything, but not really getting to the bones of what needs to be done?

Would you like more structure and consistency in your business?

Are you confused by all the ways you could market your business online?

Now you could of course read all the blog posts in the world, pay for yet another online course, or even work 121 with a coach (I am available). However, maybe you are tired of being the told the ‘right’ way to market your business, you might feel confused by all the options and feel like you can’t see for wood for the trees?

Join me, become an Indie Freedom Seekers and get access to online training & group coaching that will teach you how to:

  • Create a marketing strategy that suits you, so you can create the freedom you want and a business the fits your life

  • Price your products and services and have the confidence to charge what you're worth (and if you’re not sure I’ll help you get there!)

  • Use social media to really build relationships with your ideal paying customers and get them buying your products

  • Turn your website into a money making tool

  • Get your lead magnets and funnels sorted so you can grow your email list!

Plus - you’ll be entering a safe community, where you can ask anything, feel supported and be heard. It’s the place to be relaxed and have some fun, there’s no pressure and certainly no hustle!

Straight out of the bat, no long boring sales pages (it's £45 a month). I'm here to support you to grow a financially successful business so you can be free to live your life the way you want to.

I love the specific ideas and advice on my business from Debbie and other group members who have a range of skills and experience. A safe space to ask questions without feeling daft. Being able to support others.
— IFS member

I want to support you to build your dream business, whatever that looks like for you. So there's no advice on what you should be doing, but bite size courses on enabling you to build your business the way that fits you. You're unique and your business is too!

So what do you get for your £45 a month IFS membership?

  • Fortnightly group coaching calls; you can get specific advice from me and from the group to grow your business

  • Access to mastermind courses sharing skills and secrets to social media success, manifesting mastery, business strategy, building your brand and more

  • Access to the Indie Freedom Seekers members club, where you can meet other entrepreneurs just like you, network, share tips and maybe even make a few sales!

  • And some genuine love and the warm feeling of being in the right place with the right people

New modules are being added to the IFS online vault every month, but here’s what you’ll get instant access to if you join today:

Indie Freedom Seekers Guides.PNG
  • Workbooks on developing your personal brand (including how to nail down your values and mission statement, discover your USP & Ideal Customer and perfect your elevator pitch)

  • A 6-week guide to crushing your online content (essentially anything you put online including blog posts!)

  • A 7-day minicourse on improving your time management and stopping procrastination (including how to stop working in your business, so you can start working on your business!)

  • Workbooks on money making mastery, pricing, a finance spreadsheet for you to use and design thinking for sales guide

  • A guide to reviewing your last year and creating your concrete goals for this year

  • A guide to setting, implementing and getting on with your 90-day goals so your business keeps on moving

  • A guide to using Pinterest for your business - with 8 mini video tutorials

  • A guide to using Instagram for your business

  • Plus - An 18 page guide to developing your website plus videos of our live coaching tutorials on SEO and understand google analytics

You get the freedom to pick and choose the modules that are right for your business right now. As a group we are also going through the new module for that month, so you get involved in group learning too! The IFS experience is really personal, you get to choose what’s important to you now, while also getting to peek into areas you might not even have considered yet!

It’s a lovely bold platform, full of intelligent content, a wake up call
— IFS member
debbiedooodah Indie Freedom Seekers

So who am I?

I'm debbiedooodah and I'm passionate about supporting you to create a financially viable businesses, so you are independent, free of leaning on benefits and loved ones, AND so you can create a life you dream of, but are a little scared to name out loud.

And to put the icing on the cake I genuinely want to support you to build a business that's financially viable!

I've been growing my business for 6 years and I've walked the walk and talked the talk. I've struggled and I've gained. I've learnt what I need to do to grow a successful business (I now make as much in 1 month as I did in the whole first year of running my business) and I'm on a mission to support as many women as possible build successful businesses so they're independent, successful and happy.

This year I’ve been named one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs of 2019, one of the top 50 twitter influencers for gender diversity & equality and a Nottingham legend - so you’ll be in safe hands!

And here's what you’ve got to look forward to in the up and coming months:

  • A guide to using video for your business, including making the most of your Facebook lives

  • A guide to creating sales funnels for your business including creating your lead capture tool (one of my clients spends £350 a month on advertising her lead capture and is currently making an additional £1,995 per month)

  • 5-day Facebook mastery course teaching you how to grow your business page organically

  • Facebook Ads mastermind - understand what creates a successful Facebook ad campaign and how to re-market to customers who've already visited your website. Including how to drive down your Ads budget and get the best return on your investment (a couple of my clients are currently paying 0.08p per click on their ads and I’ll share the magic with you!)

  • Step-by-step guide to using Twitter to build relationships and get all important PR

  • Step-by-step guide to using LinkedIn for your business

  • Manifesting meditations to get you in the money making zone

  • And checklists, printables, practical business tips and ways to be more productive!

Debbie is AMAZING. Literally Amazing. Being part of Indie Freedom Seekers and working with her has been one of the best decisions for my business. She is totally on it, very kind and caring and just lovely to be around. Also very switched on. Thank you, Debbie, I hope we can continue working together for a long time - I really value your input into my business!
— Emmie Faust - Feel Great Marketing

Become an Indie Freedom Seeker!

debbiedooodah Indie Freedom Seekers female entrepreneurs
  1. Once you click this button you’ll be asked to enter your payment details and sign up to The Indie Freedom Seeker training and group coaching for £45 a month (you can cancel your membership at anytime and you’ll get access to the group until that month runs out).

  2. You’ll then get instant access to all the modules in the online vault.

  3. I’ll send you an email with details for joining the Facebook group where I’ll welcome you to the other members and ask you to share a little about yourself.

  4. I’ll then get in touch and organise a call from me so I can find out more about your business and suggest the first modules you could be working on to grow your business.

  5. Every 2 weeks we have group coaching calls, so you’ll get access to me and the group so you can start to build your business, and if you can’t attend calls are recorded and added to the Facebook group.

  6. You’ll also get invited to in person events throughout the year so we can work on your business in real life!

It’s like a small family with a mother hen making sure her chicks are all being fed and watered. I love the information you provide and your chilled out, fun approach. Not too much pressure and no competition between members. Everyone is supportive.
— IFS member

Wondering what other types of businesses have already joined Indie Freedom Seekers? We have business coaches, therapists, social media managers, bakers, meditation experts, photographers, videographers, website developers, people working in retail, artists, content creators, therapists, fashionistas, business consultants, yoga teachers and more!

And if you work 121 with me you’ll get all this for free while we are working together!