1 to 1 - Get Clarity & Confidence!

Wouldn't it be great to have the confidence to shout loud about what you do and the clarity & know how to have customers knocking at your door?


I'm here to support you so you can create the business of your dreams.

·        Do you know you could be doing more to market your business, but you’re not sure how?

·        Would you like to be more visible to clients, but you don’t want to sound like a show off or arrogant?

·        Are you overwhelmed by Facebook Ads, funnels, creating graphics, newsletters, blogging, social media, website, analytics & strategy?

That's a lot to get your head around!

I'm Debbie Clarke aka debbiedooodah and I've developed the Clarity & Confidence programme for women in business like you, who are fed up with struggling and are ready to take the bull by the horns and make their businesses work for them.

I had a three-hour social media one to one with Debbie last week and, three days after, my head is still reeling with information and ideas. Debbie was incredibly insightful and, after I’d explained where I’m at with my business and social media, she managed to get right to the nub of my work issues.
— Alexa Mottram


C&C is a mix of 1:1 coaching sessions with me and online materials to help you implement what you're learning and really get to the bare bones of your business. I've created a formula to success that I work through with my clients:

Story + Social + Strategy = More Customers!

Since starting to work with Debbie my confidence increased, the number of clients I have has increased and in turn I’ve increased my rates.
— Laura Stevens

We'll cover everything from your why, to what's working and what's not (including money!) and create a strategy for you to build a business that suits you.

Imagine having the skills & strategy to take your business to the next level!

C&C costs £940 and can take between 4 weeks and 4 months - we go at your pace.

We'll work together so you

  • Feel confident about your website, brand messaging, what's unique about your business & who to target
  • Know how to price your products and blast through any money blocks
  • Have the social media skills of a maven, able to build your client base and get people coming to you
  • Have clarity over how to create a marketing strategy & set goals that are right for you and your business
I would just like to say how AMAZING Debbie Clarke from debbiedooodah is. Just got back from a three hour 121 session, worth every penny. Would highly recommend. FANTASTIC. Wish I’d met her sooner.
— Natasha Davies

Unlike other courses, here’s how C&C is different from anything you might have seen or tried before:

social media nottingham

You get personal access to me throughout the course and I’ll support you to create a brand and strategy that is unique to you and your business.

We will cover everything from your brand messaging, to your website, blogging, social media and strategy because all these elements are connected and need to be part of a whole.

But we also talk about confidence, showing up, being visible, money and pricing.  I want to show you new ways of looking at things and open up possibilities for you.  I’m on a mission to stop you settling.

You’re going to get access to everything I’ve learnt over the past 17 years; working in marketing and communications with multi-nationals, local councils, charities, universities and social businesses.

Debbie is a genius at all things social media and has been key to me not only using it more for promotion but also helping me see the benefits in using it to build real lasting relationships with people.

Working with Debbie has been an amazing experience - she makes every session fun and creative, which I adore. It’s like walking into a sweet shop as a child, there’s just so much she can support with and I got the ultimate “pic-n-mix” experience tailored to me and my business.
Every session was jam packed with information, advice, support and followed up with solid action.

I would definitely recommend Debbie to anyone thinking of working with her, she’s unique and so very different to any other coach out there that I’ve come across.
— Nisha Kaunda

Here's what we'll cover together in 4 x 2 hour sessions:

Session 1 - The Foundation

  • We'll do a deep dive into your business, what's working, what's not, what you're frustrated with and what you love?
  • We'll talk about the juicy issue of money and look at your money stories.
  • We'll manifest your mission statement - why are you even here on this planet, and why should anyone care about what you're doing?
  • We'll set out some real honest concrete values for your business, so as you grow you'll be able to reflect if you're moving in the right direction and ensure your customers knows them too!
  • We'll look at your ideal customer, so you can get really clear about who you want to work with ( and who you don't want to work with), what their hopes and dreams are so you can package your product in a way that speaks clearly to them.
  • Ultimately we want to uncover what's different about you and your business, so that you can speak to your customers in a way that gets them and you excited about what you're doing!

Session 2 - Creating Content

  • We'll go over you current website, looking for ways to improve how it works for your customers and identifying ways to make it more effective, so people want to buy from you and if you've got website shame - we'll sort it out!
  • You'll get a step-by-step guide to google analytics so you understand what they mean and how to interpret them to grow your business
  • You'll learn how to create a blogging strategy, unlocking your expertise and potential to blog on your chosen subject to a great depth, giving you over a years worth of subjects to blog on
  • We'll also look at creating great titles and you'll get a step by step guide to creating images to bring your blogs to life
  • And then you'll learn how to use email marketing to build engagement with your audience and make sales.

Session 3 - Social Media

  • I'll teach you how to use social media to build honest relationships with your customers and how to be visible
  • We'll look at how to save time, different tools to helps you, and how to understand what's working and what's not
  • You'll get step by step instructions how to use twitter, Facebook & Instagram, alongside tools like tweetdeck and buffer
  • You'll also get a guide to getting the most of out advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Session 4 - Strategy and Goal Setting

  • Success come from having a strategy and setting some goals.  Now you have lots of tools in your tool belt, we'll spend the final month creating a strategy that brings all your knowledge together, respects that time you have to market your business and set out some goals for you to aim for.

A bit like school but without the bullying, boredom or smells!

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