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Debbie has been my mentor for the past 7 months while I’ve been growing my business Cookie - I can’t recommend her enough! She has given me so many useful tips and tricks to grow my business on social media as well as being completely honest with me if I’m just doing something wrong.

One of the points being that it’s fine to stop working sometimes! Her advice and support has not only made me a happier person in myself but has resulted in a quadruple in turnover since we first started working together. What more could you ask for! An absolute pleasure working with her!
— Rob Moore
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“Working with Debbie has been an amazing experience - she makes every session fun and creative, which I adore. It’s like walking into a sweet shop as a child, there’s just so much she can support with and I got the ultimate “pic-n-mix” experience tailored to me and my business. Every session was jam packed with information, advice, support and followed up with solid action.

Debbie is a genius at all things social media and has been key to me not only using it more for promotion but also helping me see the benefits in using it to build real lasting relationships with people. I would definitely recommend Debbie to anyone thinking of working with her, she’s unique and so very different to any other coach out there that I’ve come across.”
— Nisha Kaunda
Debbie Clarke is one of those people that once you meet her, you won’t want her to leave your life. She is honest, genuine and just a little bit dooodah! She is hands down the most perceptive, creative, helpful and realistic business and marketing coaches I’ve ever met (and I’ve met many). Her insight and knowledge is incredible. Debbie is nothing short of a genius in her field. No wonder everyone wants to work with her! If you want become unstuck in your business, gain insight and grow, learn how to market your business clearly and authentically, discover what you’re really all about, Debbie is your person. She’s different to the others you’ve probably tried. You’d be mad not to book at least a couple of hours with her because I can guarantee that those minutes will change your life.
— Misia Smith
I have just completed the Clarity & Confidence course with Debbie and it’s been just brilliant. Each session was adapted to what my business needed at the time and after each session I came away with not only a huge list of things to do, but with actions that I actually wanted to do, and usually completed within 48 hours of our meeting, I was that motivated and inspired. I really feel that not only has my business got a brand new website, I know so much more about social media, how to position my business, and more importantly, myself. I cannot recommend Debbie more highly.
— Jo Richardson
I’ve just had my last coaching session with Debbie to get more clarity and confidence to drive my business forward to the next level! After pretty much restarting everything from scratch and going through a rebrand - I found her approach, expertise and understanding of me as her client extremely beneficial, helping me to prepare and take this bold step. With her guidance I was able to really get the heart of what I wanted to do and more importantly how I was going to communicate that to my clients going forwards. Her grounding influence and limitless encouragement, mixed in with a big dollop of expertise left me feeling exactly what was intended from the start - I had oodles more clarity with a side helping of confidence! Thank you! X
— Sally-Anne Marler
I recently had 5 digital marketing coaching sessions with Debbie and have come away with an incredible amount of information and new, exciting ideas. More importantly I also now have the strategy to implement the ideas and a clear plan of what to do next which has been invaluable. I’ve already passed Debbie’s details onto at least 5 people who I think would hugely benefit from her insights and coaching and hope to collaborate on other projects with her in the future. Debbie is a real expert in her field and also a pleasure to spend time with.
— Linsey Galloway
I would just like to say how AMAZING Debbie Clarke from debbiedooodah is. Just got back from a three hour 121 session , worth every penny. Would highly recommend. FANTASTIC. Wish I’d met her sooner.
— Natasha Davies
I’ve just completed the Clarity & Confidence programme with Debbie. I loved working with her. The sessions are dynamic and informative - 2 hours fly by. Debbie is generous sharing her experience and you really can ask all your ‘stupid’ questions. There was lots of straightforward advice and if you’re remotely confused about social media you won’t be. There is a process but you can steer it to meet your needs. And as she’s a fellow small business owner that helps too.
— Tracy Short
When I had my first session with Debbie I was a social media virgin with no experience and feeling pretty uncertain about how/where to start. Debbie tailored sessions to suit my pace (slow) and requirements (needy). With Debbies help and patience I’ve gained confidence and know how with Facebook and am finding ways of using it to suit me. I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve made and look forward to another round of coaching with Debbie before too long. Debbie is fun to work with, very knowledgeable and generous with her knowledge. I recommend coaching with her wholeheartedly.
— Sarah McNicol
Debbie is nothing short of a genius. After attending her Facebook and Instagram workshop a couple of weeks ago I soon realised I needed her on board to help me shake up, shape and grow my business. Today at our first one to one, she helped me within the first 15 minutes of sitting with her, to REALLY take stock. I am so pleased she is helping me to take my fledgling business, Skin Elixir to the next level. Thank you.
— Shona Munro - Skin Elixir
I had a three-hour social media one to one with Debbie last week and, three days after, my head is still reeling with information and ideas. Debbie was incredibly insightful and, after I’d explained where I’m at with my business and social media, she managed to get right to the nub of my work issues. She helped me work out what I could do to move my business forward even though in the end this had little to do with social media! (Though of course she also gave me great tips for that as well) The session was invaluable - I’m so grateful! Thank you.
— Alexa Mottram
I’ve been to Debbie’s workshops and had a number of individual Social Media & Marketing tutorials with Debbie now. Each one has been truly essential to helping me working out my marketing structure with my jewellery business Elouise Makes. Marketing is not my strong point, but things never seem quite as scary once you’ve had a hour with Debbie! She really knows her stuff and I can’t think of anyone in this area who could be more helpful or who I would feel as comfortable working with! Thanks Debbie!
— Rosie Deegan
My workshop with Debbiedoodah was the first time I’ve EVER engaged with social media as a serious business tool (I know, I’m hanging on to another era). But not only did Debbie make the workshop lively, inspiring and creative, she also woke me up to the realisation that yes this is essential but also something to have fun with and actually enjoy! Hooray! It’s like I crossed a barrier and arrived in the modern world of fun, creative business. I get the feeling that Debbie is passionate about enabling others to stand up and celebrate what they do.
— Hannah Fries
I had a fantastic 3 hour session with Debbie. First of all what an inspirational and lovely person. Debbie has given me advice and so many tips to help with our company and it’s social media strategies. Many of them should amazingly save us time by being more organised and she introduced us to tools available to help us to do this. We are working to implement them in to the every day running of our company. I’d highly recommend working with her to everyone. Thank you again Debbie.
— Rebecca McCready
Debbie is most certainly a marketing genius! She is so helpful and I love her honest, no frills approach. She has a genuine desire to help businesses achieve their potential. Thank you Debbie for your support and expertise
— Lorena Moloney
Since starting to work with Debbie my confidence increased, the number of clients I have has increased and in turn I’ve increased my rates. She really knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to our sessions and leave feeling inspired and motivated.
— Laura Stevens
I’ve just finished the Clarity and Confidence course with Debbie and can thoroughly recommend it to any looking for business help. Though these one to one sessions are structured, there’s great flexibility in them allowing you to dig down into your situation. Debbie helped me find a clear way forward with a business that was...well, barely a business, let’s say. We looked at everything from what my business is about to who my customers are, how I let them know about it, and much more. These sessions and the work involved have given me the clarity of direction and the confidence to move forward. Thanks, Debbie.
— Martyn Williams
I met Debbie a bit unsure about how to do some of my social media marketing & came out feeling armed and excited with loads of ideas and tips on how I can improve my marketing strategies. Debbie is great at seeing where you want to go and guiding you to your specific brand/marketing goals with the relevant tools. She is friendly and approachable, and great to work with. Thank you!
— Jenny Gibbon
3 hours of guidance, pointing me in the right direction and if I wasn’t quite getting it, good old fashioned spelling it out. At the end I was not only clearer on how to and why to interact on social media but also felt clearer about my business and the role I play in it. Head has been buzzing with ideas ever since, no doubt there will be a part 2 to this story. Thank you Debbie!
— Claire Dunn
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I went to see Debbie to help me ostensibly with my Google Ads for my business, but she showed me how to improve my website, FB posts and how to tweak my Google Ads without spending any more money. I am booking another appointment!
— Samantha Culshaw-Robinson
I had a digital review with Debbie and it was fantastic! I was looking for some direction and help with how to maximise my time and effective use of digital tools for my business. This is exactly what Debbie delivered and more. She clearly knows her stuff and the session was packed with useful tips and I came away with loads of ideas. I’m so excited! Would highly recommend. Thank you!
— Louise Hallam
Debbie is an inspiring and brilliant person to work with. After meeting her through the NTU hive programme, she became my mentor and has had a huge impact on my business and most importantly my confidence moving forward. The marketing and business advice you get is second to none but the most important aspect is she cares. If you get the opportunity to work with her, take it!
— Pete Forster
Fascinating workshop hosted by Debbie Clarke. We are now surrounded by social media, choosing the right platforms to connect with your audience and build relationships are just some of the decisions facing companies. I came away from the workshop enthused about the next stages of my business, will stick with 3 platforms for now. Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. Have already signed up to Buffer. First workshop to finish the term with a round of applause for the host…says it all!
— David Garvin
Yesterday I attended a fabulous day with Debbie on ‘Digital Marketing : The Essential guide’. She is an amazingly enthusiastic and positive presenter in the delivery of up to date and highly informative information every marketing their own business needs to know. On top of that she makes it fun. I’m already putting into practice what I learned as her enthusiasm is infectious.
— Maggie Smith
That was the best visiting lecturer we’ve had all year!
— David Jukes - Course Manager - Nottingham Trent University