I’m so passionate about helping you to flourish. I literally can’t wait to meet you. Find out more about you, what makes you tick, what you’re afraid of and what dreams you cannot quite yet name.

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs helping them build profitable businesses and find their ideal customers for over 5 years and I’ve coached around 250 businesses so far.

I’m all about supporting you to build your business your way. There’s no one size fits all business advice. You’re an individual and your business is too.

And I want to help you build a profitable businesses, so you can be independent from tax credits and partners. So you can stand tall and say ‘I did this, against all odds, my business is paying the bills, I’m going on holiday and it’s not killed me in the process!’

When I started my business in 2013 I made £9k in my first year. I knew a lot about marketing and communication, it’s what I did for bread and butter since I was employed in 2001, but I realised that it's a whole different game when you’re putting yourself front and centre.

I learned the hard way! Today I make that in just over a month (I’m working on my first £9k month!).

I’ve sat there counting the pennies, trialing different strategies for building a business, getting customers, pricing my services.

I know what it feels like to start a business and struggle.

Blue Stockings network - copyright Ursula Kelly Photography

I know you’re hungry to make your business work. I know before you started you'd been thinking about being your own boss for a good while. And I know you only have one life and it’s worth giving it your best shot.

When I started my business the odds were against me, I was a single mum, I’d not long gotten over having cancer, I was renting with no savings, I knew nothing really about running my own business and my relationship with money was all fucked up.

Today I lecture on digital marketing at 4 universities, have coached over 200 businesses, run the Blue Stockings network with over 1000 women, podcast at Women Who Create and I’m still smiling!

I’ve bought my own house, drive a convertible and buy nice things from Made.com.

Are you ready?

I'm not fluffy, I'll be honest with you and together we'll create a profitable business that fits your life. There's no one size fits all approach to your business, your marketing or your strategy. I'm not your average bear, you're not the average bear either. Who wants to be an average bear?

I want you to create a business that means you'll be financially free.

It was refreshing to meet a lady that operates her business and conducts herself in an authentic way, coming from the heart. Debbie radiates enthusiasm, has massive amounts of courage and wisdom which shines through.
— Future Factory, Nottingham Trent University