I'm collaborating with the marvellous Amy Phipps of Women Who Create to bring you a fortnightly podcast on all things you need to know about being a creative female entrepreneur (so that's all women in business!). Each month we'll be recording a 40 minute episode where we interview a fabulous female entrepreneur and a 15 minisode where the pair of us talk about a particular topic. Enjoy!

Find us on itunes and spotify - look for Women Who Create or listen below!!

Episode 51 - From Striving to Being, Finding Joy with Marina Pearson

Episode 50 - Debbie and Amy on ‘Mansplaining’

Episode 49 - The Importance of a Good Read and Some Books We Love

Episode 48 - In Conversation with Becks Armstrong, Founder of Clarity App

Episode 47 - 5 Common Mistakes Etsy Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them

Episode 46 - Work Like a Woman

Episode 45 - Your Twenties with Jess Smith

Episode 44 - Reclaiming ‘Entrepreneurship’

Episode 43 - Pushing Your Edge & Comfort Zones with Ebonie Allard

Episode 42 - Reflecting on Mental Health Awareness Week

Episode 41 - Making the Most of PR in Your Creative Business

Episode 40 - October Goal Setting and Business Seasons

Episode 39 - Alignment Over Hustle, Putting The End To Perfect with Kate Taylor

Episode 38 - Getting Out Of The Funk

Episode 37 - Finding Your Creative Community

Episode 36 - Crushing The Can’t with Sophie French

Episode 35 - Summer Holiday Business Detoxing with Amy and Debbie

Episode 34 - Apps We're Loving For IG Right Now

Episode 33 - The Power Of Singing In Groups with Kari Olsen-Porthouse

Episode 32 - Authenticity And Your Audience

Episode 31 - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Amy and Debbie

Episode 30 - Having a Social Media Break Down?

Episode 29 - What's Holding You Back In Your Business With Esther Felder Owen

Episode 28 - Cultivating Confidence 

Episode 27 - What Does Success Mean To You?

Episode 26 - Debbie's Magic Book and Manifestation Journalling

Episode 25 - Crowdfunding and Career Changes with Lucy Gower

Episode 24 - How To Get Through A Vulnerability Hangover

Episode 23 - The Importance of Attending Events

Episode 22 - The Ideal Customer Conundrum

Episode 21 - From Weak to Wonder Woman with Zahra Butt

Episode 20 - Are you Leaving Money on the Table

Episode 19 - The Joy Of Gratitude

Episode 18 - Loving Your Inner Boss

Episode 17 - Talking Balance in Business with Els Courtney

Episode 16 - Investing In Yourself

Episode 15 - Balancing A Multi Passion Career With Emma Berry

Episode 14 - Creating Your Ideal Day

Episode 13 - Overcoming Impostor Syndrome With Trisha Barker

Episode 12 - New Year Goal Setting Your Way

Episode 11 - Art & Mental Health with Pragya Agarwal

Episode 10 - 10 Things We've Learned About Podcasting This year

Episode 9 - “Jack of all trades, master of none” With Ursula Kelly

Episode 8 - Bringing More Fun Into Business & Life

Episode 7 - Flourishing In Fear With Sarah McNicol

Episode 6 - Working Through Burnout

Episode 5 - Getting Over The Glorification of Busy

Episode 4 - Learning From So Called Failure

Episode 3 - In Conversation With Sam Peach

Episode 2 -Tactics For A Restful Holiday

Episode 1 - On Letting Go In Order To Grow with Amy & Debbie