Blue Stockings Society

Want to connect with other fabulous women in business in Nottingham and surrounding areas? Apart from London, Nottingham has more women starting businesses than any other city - so there's no need to be alone!

Blue Stockings Society Nottingham

I am one of the co-founders along with Jeanne Booth and Beth Marriott of the Nottingham Blue Stockings Society; a group set up following frustrations about the networking opportunities available & wanting to create something where women could be honest and real about running a business and build business connections based on relationships not business cards.

There are currently over 600 women in our Facebook community, sharing interesting articles, TED lectures, advice and support to women working for themselves or considering taking the plunge.

We meet monthly for a Blue Stockings brunch with middle eastern delights cooked by Beth and the fabulous THiNK cafe at Cobden Chambers.

Why not join us, and if you're outside of Nottingham you are more than welcome to come & say hi as well!