Stop Spinning, Start Doing!

  1. Are you struggling to fit in everything you need to do?

  2. Do you find yourself yelling ‘busy’ when people ask you how you are?

  3. Are you waking up in a hot sweat wondering if you’ve done x,y or z?

And mostly importantly would you like a 7-day simple course that can help you manage your time better so that you can skip into 2019, with a plan of action and the time you need to get everything done?

Thought so!

For just £23 you can have access to my 7-day ‘Help me I need more time’ course.

time management.PNG

(Warning - take a deep breath!) Wondering how I manage to be a mum, coach female entrepreneurs at, lecture at 4 universities, run and write monthly workshops for the Creative Quarter and The Hive in Nottingham, do the weekly podcast Women Who Create, coach businesses for Nottingham Trent University, create an amazing new toolkit for female entrepreneurs at Nottingham University, run the Indie Freedom Seekers membership community, hold bi-monthly group coaching sessions, run the Blue Stockings Facebook group and the monthly Blue Stockings Brunch meetings, plus blog weekly and do all the social medias? Phew, that is a lot isn’t it!

So it goes to say that I might know a thing or two about time!

Here’s what you get for £23 over 7 days

A 3 minute intro from me!

  • A weekly time mapping exercise

  • A time mapping workbook

  • A In & On your business workbook

  • A quirky list are handy workbook (they really are!)

  • The opportunity to break it down! Oh yes!

  • An invitation to time block

  • A why are you procrastinating and what to do about it workbook

  • And on the 7th day we rest workbook (of course!)

  • PLUS a 90-day goal creating video and workbook!

Plus anytime I add anything extra to this course, you’ll also get access to it! I’ll let you know as and when new workbooks are added x