Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself!

That's been the message while I've been away in my home county of Hampshire, visiting relatives, friends and old haunts.


There's something about going back, that makes us think about how we are going forward. A sense of all that has happened in the interim years between where we were and where we are now.

How did we get where we are, did we mean to get here, or has it just happened? How much of life is chance, fate, luck and how much by our own designing?

If you're running your own business like me, you'll know that it's a constant (I want to say pressure, but that feels too negative) throughout everything you do. I'll be drifting off to bed and thinking about what image I can share tomorrow, what I can do for my clients, how to reach out to new customers. It never really turns off, and so we are always working on our business, even when in reality it looks like we are on a beach.

Our clever brains! Note to self - must be more mindful 'The Power of Now!'

So after a week away from running my business and being a mummy, I'm back to work.

And what a fantastic first few days it's been! I've met up with 2 fantastic clients, booked in a session with a brand new client and confirmed lecturing at Notts Uni and looking forward to starting work with a fabulous new company. I'm also off tonight for the first time to meet the Women's Equality Party - looking forward to that!

All my fears about letting go a little bit where unfounded, because the foundation I have built for my business is so strong, it can hold me. What a wonderful feeling and discovery that is.

I have a Easter feeling of new beginnings and new people to meet. If you've been thinking about getting in touch to find out if we are a good fit and you'd like to work with me - now might be a great time to start on building a stronger foundation for your business.

Me and Kim

Me and Kim

Believe In Yourself.jpg

And just so I know how very far I've come since the beginning, here's a gorgeous picture from my Hampshire travels of me and my best friend Kim, who's been with me through thick and thin since we were 16, looking after me and my daughter when I had cancer and dancing many a night away.

It's wonderful to honour the present, but it's just as nice to honour the past too.

It would be lovely to hear from you, why not book a free 20 minute discovery session and find out what foundations you could build for your business.