The Power of Habit

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I do like to think of myself as an innovative women, who’s creative and ready for anything, but I made a big discovery this week.

I’m a creature of habit.

I spent most of this week feeling a little out of sorts and not quite as dynamic and on it as I usually am.  I never quite got into my tasks and just felt, well not quite here.

Then it dawned on me.  I’m not starting the days as I usually do. 

Normally my alarm goes off at 7.20pm and then it’s all go; getting showered, getting Robin up, making porridge and school lunches, setting off to walk Robin to school and a nice walk back by myself to sort through all my thoughts.

None of that happened.  Robin is with her dad this week, sunning herself in Malta. So, I’m getting up later, maybe rushing out the door without even downing my first cup of tea and eating my breakfast. Or if I’m working from home I’ve found myself in my dressing gown, working in my office far later than is decent.

It was all wrong!

I love the walks to school, I love chatting with Robin and the walk back.  I love getting some exercise and being outside.  Just getting dressed and going straight to my office felt strange to me.

It seems the way we wake up in the morning sets us up for the day.  A sluggish late start, means a sluggish day.

I’ve discussed this with friends who work from home and don’t have a school run to do and they need to create morning habits to get them in the work frame of mind.  I think dogs feature highly in this regard and I reckon maybe there is a dog somewhere in my future!

We all need some way to give lots cues to our brains, to get us ready and able for the day ahead.


So I’m going to make a deal with myself, that I’ll treat myself to a luxurious morning where I get up at the right time, no more snooze, enjoy my breakfast and get dressed. That way I’ll feel ready and able to start the day.

I wonder if that will be enough to convince my brain that we’re ready to start!

I’d love to know what you do to get yourself ready for a day of work, morning routines are powerful things! I might even go so far as to try a spot of yoga tomorrow morning!

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