6 ways to stretch yourself in your business

There comes a time when we can all get a little comfortable in our business. Things are OK. Money is coming in, you are selling your products and services, it all seems to be going well. But perhaps you have a nagging feeling that there could be more. Maybe you’re looking towards a future version of yourself, but you’re not quite sure how to get there.

This is a post asking you not to settle. To not settle for ‘it’s ok’, alright, fine, just so, can’t complain. As someone brave enough to throw everything in the air, why would you just settle?

We like to be in the comfort zone, in a place that feels warm and familiar, but real growth happens when you step outside of the comfort zone and take some risks.

Think about where you want your business to be in a years time? Do you want more time? More money? Better fitting clients? More holidays? A fancier car? A 4 day weekend?

It’s OK to want more!

So this post is all about getting you to push whats possible. Not so that you’re stretched to the point of snapping, we don’t want that! Just so that you’re a little uncomfortable because maybe you’re in territory you’re not that familiar with. Generally, the magic happens when you push yourself a little bit.

1.      Take a look at your prices

What is the value of your product or service? One of the simplest ways to give yourself more time and more money is to raise your prices. It can be a little bit. But I bet since you started working you’ve gained more skills, have more to offer, got better at your game. Surely this can be reflected in your prices.

I was at a marketing conference recently and Chris Ducker told us all that whatever our prices are just double them. Now I’m not suggesting this, you need to feel comfortable with what you charge. But maybe double in your head, feel the absolute stretch of that and work backwards!

Here’s another famous example for you. A lady walks into a bar and sees Picasso and ask him to do a little drawing for her on a napkin. He obliges and then asks for something like $10,000 for it. The lady is shocked ‘but, it only took you a minute!’ Yes, says Picasso, but it took me 40 years to get these skills.

How long have you been working on your skills?

2.      Learn a new skill

Is there something you’ve been meaning to work on? Maybe you want to get better at Instagram, or blogging? Maybe you want to learn how to do jujitsu so you can relax better at the end of a hard day? Whatever it is you’ve been thinking of, just do it. Sign up, find the course, put the money down and invest in yourself.

3.      Be consistent

Find some way you can be consistent with your customers and do it every day or week. Commit and stretch yourself. Whether that’s a weekly blog, a podcast, a FB live, a newsletter, an in-person event. Make time to show up for your customers. You’ll soon start seeing the rewards.

4.      Go find people

Be visible and let your customers find you. Get busy on social media, show up in Facebook groups. Start asking your potential clients questions and give away answers. Be the expert and the go-to person for advice, be available. Start building relationships with people.

People buy from people, so get out there and meet people!

6 Ways to Stretch.jpg

5.      Hire a business coach

I was at a speed dating mentoring event, where people could sit and chat to lots of mentors so that they could pick the best mentor for where they were in their business and I had a conversation that went like this. ‘I know I need a business coach, but I haven’t yet because I am waiting for the right one.’

There will never be the ‘right’ one. There will be one that is right for where you are in your business right now. That offers the skills you need in this moment to move your business forward. Then you may need another one, that has the next set of skills. It will be impossible to find a business coach that will have everything you need. Heck, you may even have 2 or 3 business coaches – it’s not unheard of!

You may find that you love working with a coach for a year, but you outgrow each other, and it’s time to upscale and find another.

You just need to find the right business coach for you now, to take you where you need to go.

If your business is worth its salt, then you need to be investing in yourself if you want to take yourself seriously and if you want to move your business forward. The biggest players in business all swear by their coaches and there’s a good reason for it.

And if you are a coach and you’re expecting people to pay for your services, but you don’t think having a coach is worth it,  then duh, what message are you sending out to the universe?

6.      Buy a new fast car

Now this one is a little tongue in cheek. If you’ve been following me you’ll know I just traded in my 28-year-old VW golf for a 2 lt convertible VW Eos. I went from 4 gears and no electrics - to 6 gears and a moving roof!

Now making this purchase threw all sorts of thing up for me. Issues around money, worth, where my business was going. Things I had to work through, recognise and put to rest. Sometimes the stretch is uncomfortable, but we learn and grow through it.

If we stay where we are that’s more or less where we’re going to be in a years time. So let's stretch!

If you think I might just be the right coach for you, and you want to work on your brand, your mindset, pricing, customers, website, funnel, and social media strategy – book some time in my diary and let's see if we’re the right fit for each other!