16 ways to make more sales in your business!

Want to make more sales in your business?

Here is a list of things you can try!

1.      Make sure each of your services or products have their own listing page on your website. This means that you can easily direct people to your product on social media, and it also will hopefully get listed on search engines like google.

2.      Research keywords for your product or service and add them into your listing description on your site. Check out the google Keyword planner is useful for this, you can download a whole heap of keyword ideas based on a few original keywords you enter in.

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3.      Make sure the descriptions of your products are inspiring enough. Sell your products and services to me. Know who your ideal paying customer is and identify their problems and sell them your solution. Check out this blog post on the difference between features and benefits in selling

4.      If you have actual physical products, can you make your Instagram posts shoppable?

5.      If your target customers is a rich woman with money to spend (Business Insiders description, not mine) are your products on Pinterest?

6.      Could you create a special offer and send this out to your email list and on social. For example, it could be a discount, but it could also be a limited edition of something or a bundle of a number of products put together. I love what @curiouspancake did on Instagram lately where she did a limited-edition pencil, which created a sense of urgency to buy and made the buying process only 2 clicks from Instagram. Or at the start of most years (not this one I have lots of clients now) I offered only 6 people a special 3-hour review coaching session that had to be grabbed quickly. Think about what you could do to create a sense of urgency and get some quick money coming in.

7.      Could you buddy up with some other people in your field to offer something together? That way you both get exposure to each other’s audience? Coaches might offer a programme together, people selling products might offer a bundle of complimentary products at a great price.

Pin this image!

Pin this image!

8.      Are there any special occasions coming up, Valentines, Mother’s Day that you could something a little special for?

9.      Are you using insta stories to talk about your products and services?

10.   Have your tried going on a different social media platform to find a new audience? Check out this post on the changes happening in LinkedIn.

11.   Could you contact previous clients and customers with an offer?

12.   Could you look at creating a free offer, that is really great (lead magnet) to get people to sign up to your mailing list so you can turn cold leads into warm leads?

13.    If you have created a fantastic lead magnet have you looked in Facebook and Instagram advertising? It’s really expensive doing Facebook ads to sell a product, so I’d look at how you can you it to get people on your list and then build a relationship with them on there.

14.   Could you pick up the phone with an offer and contact your best past customers?

15.   Give your potential customers an insight into why you do what you do, they are much more likely to build a relationship with you and in turn, much more likely to buy!

16.   Once they buy something, have you a way to upsell – could you try and get them to add on another service or product?

Hope this helps you get some ideas on how to drive more sales in your business!

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