Choosing Between Two Great Candidates

When you are looking for someone to fill an important role within your company it can be difficult to find the right candidate. Just sometimes though, prospective employers face the problem of having two people, both with the same qualifications to fulfil the task in hand, and both with similar experience. If you found yourself in this position, would you know how to choose the best one for your company?

Informal Meetings

Interviews tend to be quite formal affairs where everyone is trying to give a good impression. Try meeting the candidates who want to work for your company in a less formal atmosphere and you might get to see more of their personality. Perhaps invite them into the office for a morning and see how they interact with the rest of your staff. Your existing team might form their opinions of each candidate, and that could help you to decide the one that will be best in the role.

Alternatively, you could meet them away from the workplace for a coffee and a chat. This often brings out the true personality of a person and could help you to make your decision.

Ask About Situations

Think of a couple of out of the ordinary situations that could happen in your workplace and ask them how they would handle them. There is often no right or wrong way, but you have probably got a preferred solution, and this will let you see if they are likely to be working along the same lines as you.

There is also the possibility that one of them will have a solution that is better than any you had thought of, and that could be the candidate to opt for.

Why Them?

Ask each of them directly why you should choose them instead of the other candidate. This will let you see how motivated they are, and a good candidate - you can see how to spot one of those at - should be able to sell himself or herself enough to convince you they and their skill set are right for the job.

Put The Onus On Someone Else

It would be so much easier if you had not found yourself in this situation in the first place. It is to avoid problems like this that many companies turn to Then you will have the peace of mind of knowing the right candidate will be found for you, with the hassle and bother of having to deal with it yourself.

Ask What They Think Of The Package

However you have found a new employee and no matter what role it is for, you should always ask them what they think of the employment package you are offering. Make sure they understand the salary, sick pay, holidays etc. and see what reaction you get.

Someone who is more interested in how many days a year they will have off rather than the job itself is not the person for you.

Of course, these things matter to all employees, but it should be secondary to having a job they enjoy and are comfortable with.