Cost Effective Ways To Market Your Restaurant Business Online

When you run a business, a big part of making it successful lies in the marketing. This is even more so the case when running a restaurant because, not only do you have to get the initial marketing to get customers in the door and know about your restaurant, but you then have to ensure that you have a marketing system in place to keep them coming back.

So, in this post we’ve listed out some simple, cost effective marketing strategies to help you spread the word about your restaurant online.

Social Media:

Nowadays any business who wants to get noticed online is really well advised to have a social media presence. Whilst you certainly don’t need to be on every platform, and this is not recommended, anyway, it’s a great idea to use the 1-3 platforms that most makes sense for your business and also where your customers are hanging out.

Social media sites like Facebook are great for connecting with your customers to show the personal side of your business and also to have people leave reviews. This is an ideal way to get word of mouth out about your restaurant in a much bigger way.

Review Sites:

A lot of businesses, specifically restaurants will shy away from review sites because of all the people who simply seem to complain about everything. Recently, though, review sites have started to really crack down on things like fake reviews and serial complainers who seem intent on damaging reputations for no good reason.

Also, many people also are aware that such trolls exist and they know what to look for, so don’t be afraid of review sites because they can be gold for your restaurant.

A Website:

Even in this online driven world, the amount of restaurants out there with bad or unprofessional looking websites is shockingly high. Whilst a website isn’t everything, it’s going to set you apart if you have a website that’s optimized specifically for a restaurant. This means having features like viewable menus, online reservation systems, and even things like blogs to give information about produce sources, recipes, and anything else you think would be useful for your potential customers. A good website from companies specialized in this area such as Tipsy Table will cost you a lot less than you probably think.

Vouchers & Loyalty Promotions:

Everyone loves a good deal, and your customers are going to be no different. Whether it’s through providing special discounted offers on sites such as Groupon, offering loyalty cards or just special offers that you can send out to customers once in a while, these will really go a long way in building a good flow of customers who will keep coming back and even spread the word on your behalf.

Of course, these are just some of the strategies you can use to get the word out about your restaurant, but they will definitely provide you with a solid foundation, are relatively quick and easy to set up, as well as being both effective and cost effective.