Design Your Office to Boost Productivity

The state of your office will have a large impact on how productive your employees are. Happy staff will work harder and comfortable surroundings can go a long way towards their wellbeing.

Sufficient Light

An office that does not have enough light can cause eyestrain, fatigue and headaches and when staff are feeling below par they will not work so well, causing a nosedive in productivity for your business. As much natural daylight is the best place to start, but then install LED lights to give an even spread of illumination where it is needed. LED lights are flexible, cheaper to run, need less maintenance and are more environmentally friendly. From the point of view of your staff, they also do not give off that annoying buzzing sound that so many other types of lights do.


It can be bad for morale if every time they need to move around the office the staff are having to negotiate their way through clutter that is not needed. Hire a skip from and get rid of all the rubbish. The office will look more inviting, be better to work in and easier to keep clean and tidy.


It is important that the chairs, desks, tables or whatever other furniture they use is comfortable. A chair or desk that is the wrong height, or in the wrong position can cause muscular problems when people are sitting at them all day. The needs of each employee could be different, so do not think that a one size fits all is the solution.


Research has shown that warmer workplaces are more productive workplaces. It seems that around 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimum heat for your staff to be productive without overheating.


It has been known for many years that colours can affect moods, as you can see at,  so getting the right balance of colour in your office is vital. Generally, pale shades will be better than brighter ones. That is not to say that you should not have some bright desktop accessories or window blinds, but keep the walls toned down.

You may also find that some pieces of art on the walls is a good way to get some extra colour into your office without it being overwhelming.


A touch of nature in the office is never a bad idea and plants are the way to achieve this. Just one or two placed strategically on a windowsill in a small office, or a few more in a larger one. Not only do they look good but also they can help towards keeping the office smelling nice.

Reduce Noise

Loud noises can be a distraction for all workers. If your office is situated on a busy street this can be a bit of a problem. You can help by having some background music to muffle the sounds from outside. However, what seems a more popular choice at the moment is to supply the employees with headphones for their computers. Then they can listen to the music of their choice without disturbing anyone else.

It might take a little work, but it’ll be so worth it when your company becomes far more efficient!