How To Be Super-Productive When Working From Home

Running a business from home is great - you don’t have to endure the daily commute, you can work in your pyjamas, there are all the home comforts - but there is a downside. Your productivity can take a nosedive. From pesky distractions (neighbours swinging around for a visit) to problems within your home office setup, your working day can take a hit if you don’t get on top of any prevailing issues. Thankfully, that’s where I come in. Here are some tips to boost your productivity during your working day.

  • Dress for work. Okay, so we mentioned the benefit of being able to work in your pyjamas, but if that hinders your productivity, actually get dressed into work clothes to improve your mindset when sat at your desk. You should probably get a shower beforehand too, ensuring you smell as well as look presentable when you eventually start work for the day.

  • Focus on your comfort. You will find it difficult to work if your office is uncomfortable to work in. Get yourself over to Tag Office to give your office furniture an uplift - say goodbye to your poor aching back - and add elements to your office to improve aesthetics - a few pot plants and a fresh lick of paint with a soothing colour will provide comfort to your busy mind.

  • Remove distractions. Put the cat out, turn your phone off, and hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign’ on your door. Don’t let yourself get distracted by these and anything else that is guaranteed to scupper your working day.

  • Take short breaks. You have a million and one things to do, we know, but you will become tired and sore if you don’t get out of your seat occasionally for the occasional break. Walk around the block, get yourself a drink, do a few exercises - anything to get you up and moving around, and away from the glare of the computer screen.

  • Declutter often. Things will pile up on your desk - paper, coffee cups, sweet wrappers, etc. - and unless you can cope living with a mess, they won’t do much for your productivity. Have a clear-up often, removing anything that isn’t serving any real purpose. Then do the same with your computer. If you can’t get to what you need easily because of files and websites left open, shut them down, and relegate desktop clutter to the trash bin.

  • Make use of apps. There is an app for everything these days, and this is especially useful when you’re working from home. Don’t waste time on manual and time-consuming processes when you can manage things more efficiently with the range of apps available to make life easier for you.

  • Don’t work overtime. While it can be easy to finish work early for the day, especially if you have no deadlines to meet, it can also be easy to work more than you should. Unlike a traditional office you commute to each day, your work is within easy-reach of you after normal working hours (whatever normal is to you). You need to shut yourself off from any tasks that can be dealt with tomorrow, as you will only end up tiring yourself out, thus causing productivity to fall when you wearily begin work the next day after too little rest.

Hope my ideas helped, but if you have any super-productive tips of your own to share with our readers, be sure to let me know!