The 3 Cornerstones Of A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

There is a lot of information out there on how to run a digital marketing campaign successfully, so much, in fact, that it can be quite confusing to work out which parts apply to your particular business and which don't. Luckily, three main things will always bring you success when it comes to your digital marketing campaign. Read on to find out what they are.

User-friendly website design

The first cornerstone is user-friendly website design. In fact, it is your website that is the linchpin in any digital marketing campaign, because it is this that all of your other strategies will be linked back to.

Therefore your site not only has to look good, but it needs to be a dream to use as well. This is where designing with the user experience in mind comes in because it allows your site to be explicitly constructed in terms what users want.

This type of design is known as user experience or UX, and it covers issues such as wireframes, the way that you order information on your site, as well as the design of interactive elements. UX is based on user research too, which means that the site you end up with will be tailored to the particular target demographic that you are aiming to reach, making it an incredibly useful way of creating this fundamental feature of your campaign.


Next, SEO or search engine optimisation is an integral part of a successful digital marketing campaign. SEO is all about where your website rates in search lists when someone runs a query on your company, products, or related terms.  Of course, the higher up the list, the more visible your company is, and this is better for business because a vast majority of user will pick from the first page of listings when clicking through to a site.

Luckily there are some smart tactics that you can use to boost your SEO ratings. One set of tactics is known as off-page SEO, and this is where you use references to your business to link back to your website, driving incoming traffic. The other type is on-site SEO which deals with things like page titles, and keywords which help to boost your site further up the search engine listings.

Social media

Lastly, no digital marketing campaign can be successful without the use of social media. However, many people are still confused as to how to utilise this cornerstone most effectively.

Well, in particular, social media is a fantastic tool to get your customer base engaged and interacting with your brand. Something that can create strong customer loyalty and ensure you are the first company they think of when it comes time to buy a product.

To attain engagement and brand loyalty, it will be necessary to use a combination of approaches such as publishing posts and videos, as well as monitoring the comments and reviews produced on social media platform to ensure that they are as positive as possible. Something that can once again help to drive traffic back to your main website and ensure your business is a success.