Online Marketing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money - Big Time!

Good marketing can land you more leads, more conversions, and ultimately make you money. However, the other side of the equation is that marketing mistakes can cost you big time. Luckily, to avoid these, all you need to do is read my post below.

Missed review opportunities.

What is the first thing you do before you buy a product, visit an attraction, decide on a break, or book a table at a restaurant? That's right you check what others are saying about it online. This is what is known as the review culture, and it is something that if not managed correctly that can cost you a lot of money.

What this means is that you need to get a handle on the way your brand is talked about online. This involves monitoring links and tags on social media, as well as searching for independent reviews and even sites set up to moan about your company!

You also need to respond to any negativity in the right way. That means listening to the issue, acknowledging the inconvenience caused, and then replying with a fix in mind. Don't be afraid to direct the complainant to contact your company privately via DM or email to resolve the issue either, thus preventing any additional negativity from this source online.

Not valuing SEM and SEO.  

SEO and SEM are two similar marketing methods that can cost quite a bit to action. Of course, if they are not working in your favour, then they aren’t worth this investment.

To that end, it's vital that you make your SEO and SEM as useful as possible. For SEO this means both onsite and offsite methods that ensure your page is one of the first in the natural search engine results. For SEM, the same is true, but for paid adverts that will display above the first organic entry giving your business an edge over the others.

Of course, many companies struggle to invest in good SEO and SEM, especially when they are first starting up. However, they needn't because there are small business loans like the ones described in these kabbage reviews that are available for just this type of investment. Something that it is worth considering as strong marketing means business longevity and profit further down the line.  

Putting marketing before content.  

Now there is some confusion as to which is the most critical aspect of content marketing at the moment. Some folks think it is the content itself which need to be entertaining, of good quality, and valuable to the demographic you are looking to appeal to. While others highlight the need to capture critical information, whether this is opinions or contacts details that can be used as warm leads later on.

Of course, in truth, it is a combination of the two, but don't make the mistake of putting the marketing aspect before the content. Otherwise, you could put off potential customers with the hard sell and end up losing leads, something that can cost you dearly!