Have an Excellent Expo: Stand Out From The Crowd at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are massive events, bringing hundreds- sometimes thousands of businesses together. Each company in attendance is in competition for the attention of the clients and decision makers looking for long term business relationships- so it’s important to stand out. Here are just a few things you can do to make an impact.

Start with your stall

First things first, your stall itself is what will be representing you and your business and so you want it to look good. Have an exhibition trade stand designed and installed by a professional company, think of things like colours, banners and logos and more. The location of your stall can also make a big difference too so try and get your place booked early on. Stands on the ends of aisles, and those that are on the way to facilities like food or toilets will be passed lots of times meaning extra foot traffic.

Make yourself known

At a trade show, you’ll get plenty of foot traffic and interest from people seeking out businesses like yours. But it's still worth advertising, put out on social media that you’ll be in attendance and let any potential or current clients or customers know. At the very least, they might help you to spread the word and inform others who could be interested in working with you.

Get interactive

Ditch the dull talks and presentations, with so much going on at a trade show people won’t necessarily give you their time to stand around and listen. However, if you offer something fun they’re far more likely to get involved. A game, a competition, a magic trick, don’t be afraid to get gimmicky. Whatever grabs people’s attention is a good thing, then you can use this as a way to inform them more about your business in a fun way. You can hand out business cards, flyers or leaflets for them to take and browse through later on in their own time. But do something that will make them remember you!

Give things away

Everyone loves a freebie, and giving things away could be what’s needed to get peoples foot in the door (of your stand!) Marketing merch has been shown to be effective and what better place to give it away than at an expo which is full of decision makers who are likely to be interested in your business. Mugs, travel cups, pens, keyrings, USB sticks and more are all items that people will use. Have them stamped with your logo and not only will freebies initially attract people to want to know more but you get free advertising every time they use the product. These can be made fairly cheaply and can actually be a lot cheaper than other marketing methods. Of course, when it comes to marketing a multi- dimensional approach is often best, and this is just an extra thing you can do to get your name out there.

Have you ever attended a business expo as a way to promote and market your company?