Brick and Mortar Isn't Dead, You Just Need to Stand Out From the Crowd!

Chances are that you’ve heard the claims that brick and mortar retail is dead. But this isn’t necessarily true. Sure, E-commerce is providing an extremely cheap and accessible platform for small business owners to set up their companies.

But a brick and mortar store offers traditional charm, can allow you to engage with customers on a face to face basis (providing brilliant customer service and support), and can give people the opportunity to try your goods out for themselves (reducing the number of returns and exchanges that you have to process). So, it’s important that you still consider it a viable option for your own business.

One area that you do need to focus on when it comes to setting up a traditional store is to stand out from the crowd. This will draw more customers through your doors and generate more profit. Here are a few steps that you can take to achieve this!

Invest in Your Store Sign

Many small businesses don’t invest in a large sign above their store. They don’t want to make the investment and think that their money could be better invested in other areas. But this is a huge mistake to make. A large sign on the store’s front is absolutely essential when it comes to establishing yourself. It alerts customers to the name of your brand, which allows them to search for your online store or social media pages once they are home. The design can also give them an understanding of your brand aesthetic and what products or services it may be that you offer. Collaborate with a specialist company like These professionals will be able to craft the store sign of your dreams!

Display “Open” and “Closed” Signs In Your Window

This sounds relatively simple. But everyday so many small businesses miss out on custom because potential customers just assume that they are closed. If you are the only person working in the store, or you have limited members of staff, everyone might be off the shop floor at the same time. Perhaps you’re out back in the stock room, or someone has gone to the toilet. Many customers merely peek in and assume that an empty store floor means that the shop is closed for the day. Having clear “open” and “closed” signs can help to reassure people that they can step in and have a look around!

Curate Window Displays

Most storefronts have large windows at the front. You should make the most of this space by curating a window display. A window display can draw the attention of passers by to your store, showcasing the best goods that you have to offer. If your display is aesthetically pleasing enough, you can find that people take photographs of it and post these images to their social media accounts, offering you a free form of advertising. If you are unsure of how to best display your stock yourself, you can always call in the help of a professional merchandiser who will have a specialist eye for this kind of design.

These are just a few ways that you can help your brick and mortar store to stand out from the crowd, so implement them into your business plan today!