In Praise of the High Street

Despite the flood of online stores and the wealth of choice from internet-based shopping, the High Street is pushing back and there are times when a trip to the shops is just what’s needed rather than the anonymous experience of online retail.

In this blog we take a look at some of the real advantages of supporting the High Street and why face-to-face sales is making a comeback.

The Touch Factor

Strolling into a shop and handling the fabrics, seeing how something hangs and what else it might go with it is a truly sensorial sensation and something that you just don’t get from browsing a web page. But we’re not just looking at clothes, when you need some face-to-face advice over the latest piece of tech to add to your collection, or which car seat is right for your child, nothing beats having someone right in front of you. Sure, you can ask the online messenger service for various companies but who wants to be put on hold or get cut off just when you wanted to ask a follow-up question or weren’t clear on the information.

Community Counts

There’s no reason why you should support high street retail and no reason why you shouldn’t buy online for cheaper but imagine how desolate and lonely our towns and cities would look without a retail hub at their heart. These outlets too provide jobs for hundreds of people, from retail assistants to cleaners and shop designers, such as retail design from Design4Retail.

Without these opportunities for work, the knock-on effect can be devastating for communities where unemployment is high. The humanness that comes with a face-to-face conversation can be a crucial element to keeping many of us connected with the world. A chat about the weather, a query on whether something suits you or a moan about the state of politics is all part of the social oil that keeps community moving and reminds us that we are all in it together.

Supporting Initiatives

Going to the shops in person also allows you to support local and national initiatives from shops that will recycle your clothes to stores that collect food for local charities to distribute. The opportunity to support something that has a tangible benefit to the people around you and the environment is something to take on board.

Of course, online shopping can be cheaper, and it can also be more convenient with items delivered straight to your home but being a part of something, taking the time to talk to people and connect with others has far greater advantages than next day delivery. Supporting your local business owners is vital if we want to see the High Street continue to grow and thrive in our towns and cities.

Think of it as a great investment in your time and money that allows you to make more informed decisions on products and connects to your community as well. Head out today and treat yourself to a High Street bargain.