Top Reasons It's a Good Time to Be an Accountant

Choosing a new career is never easy, but most people want a career that will help them to bring in money for many years. You might not necessarily want to follow a passion, but you still might want a career that challenges you and makes you happy. If you're thinking of a career change, there are some great reasons to consider being an accountant, even if that means going back to education.

Things Are Changing

It's always exciting to be part of an industry that's changing. Like many other sectors, accounting is evolving due to technology. Many accounting tasks can now be automated, but that doesn't mean that accountants are no longer needed. Instead, new roles and new tasks are being created to meet the demands of modern businesses.

There Are Lots of Potential Paths

Being an accountant can give you a broad choice of different careers. Instead of there being just one "accountant" role, there are various roles that you can consider if you have an accountancy or finance qualification. You could be a bookkeeper, an auditor, a tax specialist or consider a number of other roles.

Accounting Opportunities Are Growing

While some jobs are under threat from technology, accountancy isn't showing any signs of slowing its growth. There are still plenty of opportunities for accountants, with excellent projected growth. If you're looking for a solid career with a future, choosing accountancy can help you to create security for yourself. You will have excellent job outlook and a good choice of career paths too.

Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham