Planning the Perfect Company Christmas Party in 2019

Would you like to host the best Christmas party ever? There are some factors you need to keep in mind. Besides considering your budget, you will have to find a venue, have a menu and make sure that everything is perfect. This can be a daunting task but if you follow this guide you can have the best Christmas party this year especially if you are planning it on behalf of your company. The following are some tips to consider:


Unique venue

When planning an office party, looking for a unique venue rather than holding the party in the office is the best idea. However, finding the right venue is not a walk in the park. When looking for a venue, you should ensure that the memory will be ingrained in the memories of your employees. Therefore, you should not choose a mill bar or similar places. Instead, you can opt for a museum, aquatic or marine life centers because they are known to host events. Alternatively, if you want to have a splash party, rock climbing centers, golf ranges or trampoline parks are ideal. When choosing a venue, ensure that it’s unique and each of your employees will be involved. You can find a great range of venues for your company Christmas party here.


Make a day of it

Since you are looking forward to interacting with your employees, have a good time and create memories, you should consider making the office party a full day out. With such a gesture, you will not only show your employees how you value and appreciate them but also give them ample time to interact with each other and share ideas whilst having fun.


Get help

You don’t need to plan the entire party on your own. You need help from other colleagues to include their ideas and opinions. Also, by getting the help you will have a good rapport with your employees because you are interacting. Therefore, form a Christmas party committee with members from each department to ensure that everyone is included. The committee will help you choose the venue and help in decision making as far as the party is concerned. Don’t be afraid to delegate because in a committee you should bounce ideas off each other to make it great.


Present a budget

Before you form the committee, consider all the expenses and create a budget because you are the boss. Then, after forming the committee present the budget because it will help dictate the direction you are willing to take. If you are working with your boss, set a maximum spend per employee and agree on the entire budget before you present it to the committee. The committee will then have to work with the estimated budget to determine the cost of foods, drinks, transport, entertainment, etc.


Set the right time and date

When choosing the right time and date, there are two factors you should consider:


Availability – you have to determine the availability of the venue you have chosen because most private and corporations will hold similar parties at this time of the year. Therefore, since the party venues have schedule regardless of the parties they hold in a day, just ensure the venue you have chosen is available at the specific date and time you have agreed on.


The schedule of your employees – your employees will be looking forward to spending their last days at work before they enjoy the festive season with their friends and family. Therefore, when setting the Christmas date and time, consider your employee’s schedule. No one would like to attend a Christmas party only to go back to work the following day. Therefore, consult the Human Resource to know the last day at work. With such information, you can set the date and time in the afternoon or evening of the last day at the office.


Ask for feedback on the previous Christmas party

Since people have different preferences, it is easy to know what your employees are looking forward to by inquiring about their previous party or drafting a questionnaire. Some of the questions you can include in the questionnaire include:

·        What did you dislike about the previous party?

·        What would you like to see again this year?

·        Which part was your favorite on the previous Christmas party?

·        What would not like to see/included this year?

·        Do you have any suggestions? List them?


Finally, remember you cannot please everyone regardless of how you try. Therefore, since there will be conflicts in the answers provided, just consider the greatest common factor from the feedbacks. You don’t have to make all these decisions on your own because you can rely on the committee for help.