5 steps to stay sane when you're busy!

5 Steps To Stay Sane When You're Busy!.jpg

Firstly I want to apologise for my tardiness!  When I started blogging on a weekly basis I was so keen to be consistent and produce something of value to help you grow your business every week.  After all that is what I advise my clients to do!

Consistency builds trust - and the golden rule of marketing is that your customers need to know, like and trust you before they'll buy your products. Flighty inconsistent behaviour can lead to your potential customer wondering if you really are the expert, if you really do value their support, if you are the business for them.

But then....we're all only human! And sometimes we get it wrong, get swept away with being busy, have a break, a melt down, get overloaded or find inspiration has gone and left us and had a holiday!

In my case it has been a mixture of all the above!  Some big client changes, some leaving and new ones arriving (isn't it wonderful how things tend to flow like that!), a weekend in Barcelona, a big workload and lots of new 121 clients - all good, but clearly I've not been managing my time very well. And it can sometimes all get a little overwhelming - and breath!

I am getting to the breath part - which is fantastic.  The horizon is looking mighty fine - it was just a VERY busy March!

So how do we manage to cope with all the various elements of our businesses when it feels like we are doing too much?

Firstly, be kind to yourself.  You're only human and you can only take on so much.  Sometimes when we are spinning too many plates they drop.  That's just reality!  So if you drop a few, don't beat yourself up - be kind.  Love yourself and know that you are amazing!

Second, evaluate on a daily basis what tasks are the absolute priority and get those done first.  In my case I need to fulfil my contracts with all sorts of people; clients, universities, voluntary positions before I could spend time marketing my business.  Really the priority is the work that brings in the money! What is your bottom line?  You need to keep it bubbling away!  Once you've completed your paid work, then you can concentrate on growing your business and getting new clients.


Now I know this can feel a little chicken and egg, while your busy working on your current clients, you're not mining for new clients, and when those contracts come to an end you're left all high and dry. So the next tip might help you.

Three, make use of the amazing tools out there that can help you. I cannot recommend buffer enough.  It is my best friend! It tells me what content is the best on twitter, so I can share it again.  Use Facebook scheduling tools, get to grips with ifttt.  There are so many tools out there to help you market your business, it is well worth making friends with them.

Four, use the down time.  We all have it, an hour here or there.  Grab those free hours and treat them like gold dust.  And I don't always mean work! If you're working yourself to the bone, make yourself a cup of tea and put netflix on for an hour - we all need a break.  Or if you feel inspired, map out the next months blog post, or have a dabble on canva creating some awesome images.

Five, plan, plan, plan. Now I am normally the Queen of this - I have so much going on I need to be.  But March was all over the place! So create goals, create a strategy, map out future blog posts, create space in your diary to think, schedule out your days.

But if it all goes a little awry, just smile and think - hey I'm only human, I'm pretty shit hot 99% of the time, but I'll allow myself to not be amazing all the time!

I'm off on half term week with Robin next week and because of all sorts of fabulous shifts in my business I'll have less work than I normally have, so for the first time since I've started my business nearly 4 years ago I'm going to switch off a little - but expect me back with a bang on Wednesday 12th March when I'll be sending out some fab hints and tips for you to grow your business online!

Much love, 

Debbie xx