Breaking Facebook News!

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Well Facebook is a tough nut to crack, with lots of different algorithms to get your head around.

Facebook launched news of a new rule yesterday that will effect how business pages are seen in the news feed.

Facebook is going to start measuring conversations that happen in the comments below your posts. They want to show more meaningful content in the newsfeed.

So posts that spark lots of interest and conversations going back and forth will be ranked higher.

They will still be measuring likes, read and shares, but will start ranking these conversations too.

This is good news if you are using Facebook Live as these generate 6xs more interaction than normal videos.

This follows yesterday's news on the overly promotional tool from Buffer.

Buffer released a study yesterday looking into whether it is true that posting from 3rd party app reduces your organic reach. They posted 200 posts across 35 profiles and the results were that it really didn't make any difference!


I wanted to share this with you as I have been advocating using the Facebook scheduling tools to post to Facebook rather than a 3rd party app, as it was widely acknowledged this reduced organic reach - just disputed by Buffer!

However, buffer is a scheduling app in itself, so I would do your own mini study on this if you love using 3rd party apps. You probably already know what your organic reach is using the 3rd party app, so spend a week posting straight into FB scheduler - that way you'll know for yourself if it makes a difference!

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