Why creating content is a waste of time

Nah, only joking – if you’ve been following me for a while now you’d know I’d be crazy to say that.

So, I thought I’d spell out the 5 ways creating content can help you create raving fans and customers.

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1.      You get to flex your expertise muscles

No matter what you do, you are the expert at it. That’s why you do it. No-one else can do it quite like you. So how about letting people know that!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you became the go-to place for advice on yoga, silver jewellery, recruitment, organic skincare, photography – whatever it is that you do?

Picture this, I’m enjoying reading, watching or listening to your content. It’s really valuable and gives me lots of advice and I actually look forward to the next things you produce coming out. Then when I need whatever it is that you’re offering, who am I going to go to?


Because I’ve built a relationship with you.

Because I know, like and trust you.

Because I have a connection to you.

2.      You get to help me in my time of need

I have a question about whatever it is that you do? I’m thinking ‘how do I look after my silver jewellery when it’s looking old and tarnished?’ or ‘I’ve got a really stiff sore neck, will yoga help? Or ‘I want a career change but I’m not sure where to go next?’

If you start turning up in those mad google searches with content on youtube or on your blog or on my Facebook feed…then guess what?

When I need whatever it is that you’re offering, who am I going to go to?


Because I’ve built a relationship with you.

Because I know, like and trust you.

Because I have a connection to you.

3.      It gives you things to share on social media

Imagine for a moment that you’re not creating any of your own content. And I know that may be a fair few of you.

What on earth are you sharing on social media?

Other people’s blogs on twitter – great you’re raising their profile (and while it’s fine to share other experts, in facts it’s great, you need a bit of you in there too).

You’re sharing other people’s links on Facebook. Well for one Facebook doesn’t like you taking people out of Facebook, so you’re lowering your organic reach on Facebook and not adding to your audience’s sense of you.

The list goes on.

Wouldn’t you want to be sharing stuff about you, about your business and about have you have the solution to my problem?


4.      Your audience gets to know you

It’s been said and I’ll say it again. People buy from people – and here’s the extra bit – people buy from people they like.

So let me get to know you!

Give me something I can read, listen or watch so I can feel a connection to you.

And if they really love you, they’ll start sharing your stuff with their mates and your message will spread even further!

5.      It improves your chance of being found on google

A website that isn’t regularly updated won’t be deemed as relevant on google search.

Your website will also be ranked on what social media is linked to your site and how regularly you use it.

It will also be ranked higher if you upload a few of your own youtube videos – hint google owns youtube.

And if you create blogs that are 500 words+ google will start to think that you’re providing valuable information and start sending people to your site – bingo!

So there are just 5 reasons why it’s important that you start creating your own content, and I’d say they’re pretty persuasive.

And if you don’t like writing, why not create videos of FB lives, and if you don’t like recording your face how about starting a podcast. There are a myriad of ways that you can create content these days – so find something that suits you and go for it!

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