Top 8 takeaways from #Nottmdigital

Last week I spent the day at the first Nottingham Digital Summit organised by Hallam Internet who raised over £15,000 for a local homeless charity Framework - which was fantastic. We had speakers from Microsoft, Google, Speedo, and Experian to name a few. And here are my top 8 takeaways:

Top 8 Takeaways From Nottmdigital.jpg

1. Design with your customer in mind. Don't create something, make it absolutely perfect and then present it to your audience to find out they're not interested, or it's not quite right. Make them part of the process, do beta testing if you can, ask for feedback and make your ideal customers part of the journey of creating it.

2. Having google home and Amazon Alexa is your home is problematic - they are highly hackable and are listening to you all the time - the tech expert was questioning why people would have them in their home?

3. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load 54% will leave, and half of those will never come back. Mine took 2 seconds, how about yours?


4. Provide useful content that provides answers to people's questions - something I share all the time!

5. 88% of users won't return to your website after a bad experience - so make sure your website is shit hot!

6. Create compelling experiences for your customers. Design around the moments that matter to create experiences that exceed your customers needs.

7. Trying to think of new ideas. Set a timer and just free flow, like a drunk guy rambling, one of those ideas is bound to be good!

8. Don't put all your eggs into one content basket - try new things and new channels!

Hope that helps get your brain ticking on how you can improve the processes and customer experience in your business. Need a coach to help you map these things out and out them into action? I'm your girl! Take a look at how we can work together: