92 popular instagram hashtags for creative women in business

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Should you be using hashtags in Instagram?

The resounding answer is yes!

Hashtags make your posts more searchable - it means that your ideal paying customer can find you - that means more followers, more likes and hopefully more sales!

How many hashtags are allowed?

You can have up to 30 hashtags on each post.

Where should I post my instagram hashtags?

You might have seen people posting their hashtags in the first comment. This works for a number of reasons. It gives you more space to write your caption. It looks tidier. And if you want to cross-post to your Facebook business page you won’t end up with a messy Facebook post full of hashtags that aren’t used on Facebook.

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What about Instagram banning hashtags?

Well this may be an urban myth! I’ve just spent time on a site claiming they know all the banned hashtags - but when I did a search they are all in still in use.

The argument goes that as Instagram doesn’t allow adult content, if a certain hashtag gets associated with adult content it gets banned. #adultlife was supposedly banned - but it was still there when I looked as large as life!

How can I check which hashtags have been banned?

Click the explore ‘magnifying glass’ button and type in your hashtag - if no search results come up then it’s banned!

Can I edit my instagram hashtags?

If you’ve added them in the first comment you’ll need to delete the first comment and start again.

Do I need to use multiple hashtag lists?

A few years ago there was a lot of talk about the Instagram Shadow Ban - I think it turned out to be another of those urban myths. I’ve been checking out accounts with really large likes of their posts and they mostly alternate between 2 really good hashtag lists.

Where can I find popular instagram hashtags?

There are lots of apps that can help - HishHash is one. Or check out hastagify online. Or alternatively I will do searches on desktop instagram and then curate my own lists copying and pasting the best into google keep. I can then copy from my google keep app on my phone!

Hashtags for Creative women in business!



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