How to keep working when you feel hot, hot, hot!

Wow, this summer has come out of nowhere!  We’ve been waiting for it and then bam. And my social media feeds are full of people wondering how on earth they are going to get anything done in the heat?

Not only do we slow down, but our phones slow down! So if your business is anything like mine and you spend time on your phone, you might be frustrated that it’s not running as fast!


Firstly, why do we slow down?

Research suggests that heat can muddle your thinking, anyone feeling that?

Researchers tested people’s reactions in air conditioning and non-air-conditioned buildings and found that those in the hot building had a 13% lower performance on basic arithmetic. So if you’re finding yourself unable to complete those simple tasks, it’s not you it’s the heat!

And the processor in your mobile slows down the hotter they get. Which means your brain is slower and so is your phone!

Siesta anyone?

So how do we get stuff done, when all we want to do is lie down face first in a child paddling pool?

Obvs there’s the normal stuff. Hydrate people! Don’t sit in the sun for too long! Wear loose-fitting comfy clothing! Burn your bra (who else is getting irritated by all that underwire?)! Keep the window open when you’re sleeping! Get those hats and shades on when you go outside!

The internet is full of that advice, but what else is there?

So, here are my top tips to keep working when you’re hot, hot, hot. Pros and cons!

1.      Take all your clothes off, get in a cool bath and rest your laptop on that granny bar thing that some people have across the bath. Cons - your laptop falls in your bath electrocuting you and you die, or at the very least you get wrinkly toes! Pros – you’ll be cooler.


2.      Cancel everything, find a mate and hang out together drinking margaritas. Cons – your bank balance won’t thank you for it and if you cancel your clients they might not come back. Plus drinking in the day time can lead to a terrible headache! Pros – you will make memories that you’ll never forget!

3.      Work when it’s cooler, so maybe 3am – 11am and then sleep all day. Cons – you’ll mess up your sleep pattern, and people will hate you emailing and messaging them at 3am. Pros – I cannot think of a pro of working at 3am!

4.      Go to the shop and buy a bumper pack of ice lollies, proceed to eat. Cons – you’ll make yourself sick and possibly dribble ice lolly all over your top. Pros – lollies are lovely!

5.      Have a water right and dunk your head in a bucket of cold water. Cons – you’ll look mental having a water fight on your own and get brain freeze. Pros – life is for living!

So, there you have it! Failing all that, take it easy, don’t sweat the small stuff, put off today what can be done tomorrow (the opposite of most advice, but it is hot!)

I’ll be in London tomorrow at a Fashion Shoot – so exciting, but the temperature is supposed to rise to 38, so wish me luck – I’ll be looking like a hot mess!

What tips have you got for coping with the heat when you’re hot, hot, hot?