Be more Squirrel - planning for the winter

Can you feel it? Autumn is coming! Where did all the sunshine go? Poof, just like that and it's vanished!

Be More Squirrel - Planning For The Winter.jpg

There is a candle burning in my office and the heating is on low.  This is it – autumn.
And strangely there is a putting all the pieces back into their place feeling.  A let’s plan and get a strategy together to see us through the winter. A ‘where are all the nuts’, ‘where do we store all the nuts’, ‘do I have enough nuts to see me through’ feeling.

So it’s time to bring your natural squirrel out to play, let her play havoc in your business and get those nuts in order.

Some things to consider:

Do you have enough contracts, work or projects lined up to see you through the winter?

Now is a great time to take stock of what has come before and what is coming up.  Is it enough, will your work see you through the winter months, or is there something you need to change?

If something needs to change, can you work out what it is? Do you need a new product offer, do you need to seek out new customers, is there someone you need to contact or something you’ve been putting off doing?

Will you have enough nuts?

Create goals for money coming in, new customers you need to meet and products you can create. Make sure these goals are measurable.  Put dates and figures down so you have something concrete to aim for, rather than a vague, ‘I’d like more customers’ – exactly how many more?

Are there some skills you could brush up on?

The longer winter months coming are a perfect time to learn new skills or brush up on ones you already have.  There is so much information out there.  And the long drawn out evenings and cold weekends are great for nestling yourself into a warm corner and reading some books, blogs or watching some webinars.


Identify 3 things you’d like to learn or get better at, and then work out what you can do to improve.  You’ve around 6 months until the spring bulbs start pushing their heads up, so swot up on what you need to know and you can arrive in the spring, bolder, with more knowledge and even better equipped to make your business succeed.

Cast your eyes back.

Take some time to look back on all your efforts over the past 6 months.  Is there something you could have improved? Did something you put a lot of time and effort into not work out?  Did something else surprise you and go fabulously well? Work out what worked and what didn’t.  What grabbed your audience and what turned them on.

We can all get better at whatever we are doing by taking stock and learning.  If something went well, can you recreate it?  And if something did a bit of a flop, don’t despair, learn, dust yourself off and integrate everything you’ve learnt into the next time.

Review how you appear to the world?

Do you come across as you’d like to?  Are all your social media profiles consistent, do they still reflect who you are and what you do?  Could you go over some of the descriptions and jazz them up a little?  Making sure all your profiles have a unified front add to the gold dust of the ‘know, like and trust factor’ and ultimately help you to sell more of your amazing things!

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