Cut Your Company’s Energy Bills

Modern companies require a lot of energy consumption to keep them running. This can result in high energy bills. Here are just a few ways in which you can cut down your company’s energy usage and save money.

Choose energy-efficient machines

An easy way to cut your bills is to choose energy-efficient machinery. Some of these machines can be slightly more expensive to buy, but you’ll make up costs in the long run. You should be particularly wary of old machinery – printers and refrigerators over fifteen years old could be guzzling electricity and in need of replacement.

Don’t leave your machines on standby

A lot of companies waste money on unnecessary energy consumption by leaving machines plugged in and turned on when not in use. Whilst some big machinery can use up more energy to shut down and reboot, this certainly isn’t the case when it comes to your average PC or digital POS. Turn off these machines when you’re not using them and unplug them/switch them off at the wall so that they’re not using up power in standby mode.

Insulate your work premises

Insulation could prevent you from turning on the central heating as often. There are lots of ways to insulate your business premises. Various materials such as fibreglass wool and cork material can be used to provide insulation to roofing, flooring and walls. These could be installed yourself, or you could hire a professional to install them. As for your windows, make sure that these are double-glazed. You could also look into pipe insulation to stop heat being lost through pipes.

Opt for LED bulbs

LED bulbs use up a lot less power than regular incandescent bulbs, whilst still providing the same brightness. Whilst these bulbs do cost a little extra to buy, you’ll soon make up costs in energy savings. You could also consider switching to motion sensing lighting so that lights aren’t left on in empty rooms.

Consider going solar

Many businesses are taking drastic measures to become greener. One such measure is switching to solar power. By investing in solar panels, you can generate your own power and never pay an energy bill again. Relying on solar power can also have other advantages – if there’s a local power cut, you’ll be unaffected allowing you to continue business as normal. Switching to solar power could also be great for your company’s reputation – many consumers are now supporting ethical businesses and embracing solar power could show that your company is making a positive impact on the environment. Solar panels can generate electricity in all weathers (even when there is clouds), although you may need quite a few solar panels to generate the amount of electricity that your business needs.