Making The Leap From Full-Time Worker To Full-Time Business Owner

Our working situation can get us down from time to time. Either it's not the career we envisioned, or there's just too much drama in the office. Whatever the situation you're in, we've all fantasized about creating our own path in life. Starting our own business is freeing in so many ways. And while the temptation can be for you to leap straight into this, transitioning from a full-time worker to a full-time business owner requires a few essentials.

The Capital

Not just in terms of your lifestyle, but if you are serious about leaping into your own entrepreneurial endeavors, your business will sink without a trace if it doesn't have sufficient cash injections. As tempting as it can be to quit your job to follow your dreams, you need to divide your time, and squirrel money away, so that if you can't bear it anymore, you can jump ship from your job. But it's far more sensible to slowly create an emergency fund, and a general financial buffer, especially if your business ends up hitting the fan.

Showing The Tip Of The Iceberg

Ernest Hemingway showed the tip of the iceberg in his writing, but this was because he had undertaken the vast majority of the research before putting pen to paper. In other words, you'll have to get a lot of the planning done way before any customer or client sees your business. Working full-time might not give you much of an opportunity to plan sufficiently, but, over a period of 18 months, you can do a little each week, so it can add up over time. Your business plan is something that needs to percolate, especially if all you have at the moment is the best of intentions, and not necessarily the knowledge to back it up. Luckily, there are resources like to get you schooled up in the way of business plans.

Transitioning Slowly, But Surely

The advantage you have over someone who's jumped in with both feet is that you've got a regular income behind you. Making the transition to full-time entrepreneur from full-time worker is a slow one. Once you have acquired the information you believe is necessary to begin with, as well as the appropriate tools, such as marketing, branding, and your product, you can start to make it official. Websites such as have made it easy for us to register the formation of our company so that it is out there in the big wide world. And, getting that first customer or client is the biggest challenge- once you've got one, you can focus on increasing your scope. From there, you can begin to upscale your business, while concurrently, reducing the amount of work you do in your current job.

As tempting as it is for all of us to leap out of our terrible job, this is the security blanket we need to ensure that we can progress into the business world with sensibility and the appropriate mindset. After all, we don't want to return back to our old job 18 months later, tail between our legs!