Starting a Business With Absolutely No Knowledge of What You’re Doing

It seems absolutely foolish to try and start a business while having zero knowledge of your industry or business in general, but there are actually plenty of people that do it on a very regular basis. In fact, many of these people attribute to those scary statistics of how many startups fail per year. It sounds like a daunting task to continuously fail over and over, but is there a reason why they do this or are they just stubborn and uneducated?

This concept may be more interesting than you think.

Knowledge is Everywhere

Thanks to the internet, it’s become clear that we no longer have to possess an incredible amount of knowledge to get somewhere with our business. We don’t need to be the smartest entrepreneur, we don’t need to have loads of contacts and we certainly don’t need a degree in an industry in order to become a party of it.

But all this boils down to a single question; can you start a business with absolutely no knowledge, and is it even a smart idea?

You’d be surprised to find that the answer to both is a resounding yes.

Redefining Your Idea of What a Business Is

Fundamentals are important to a business, but in this day and age where classical business knowledge can be found everywhere, the secret is out and we need to start redefining our ideas of what a business should be, what business models can be effective and how we can use technology to grow our companies.

For instance, there are companies like that can work together with you, providing you manufacturing power for your products no matter how simple or complicated they may be. This means you no longer need to start a factory and you no longer need to go overseas and make deals in a country you aren't familiar with.

In addition, there’s a business model known as drop shipping now that is widely successful and popular with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. It allows you to sell products that you don’t actually own stock for and they’ll ship directly from the manufacturers around the world. Websites like can explain this in more detail, and most of the process can be automated. Although there are middleman fees, it’s very simple to set up and all you need to focus on is how you promote your product and market it towards your intended audience.

Learning From Experience

One of the best things about starting a business with practically no knowledge is that you can easily learn from your mistakes if you approach it with the right general direction. You can start with fundamental information such as this article at which explains the basics of a good social media strategy, then you can see what works and modify it as you go along.

Experiences make up the bulk of our knowledge, and it’s vital that we focus more on trying and failing so that we can learn quickly. This is a much better approach in the modern age than trying to learn everything all at once, building up a vast library of knowledge, but having no way to apply it practically.