Finding A Career That Really Moves You

Stuck in an office, in a car, in a lift and then in a queue. These are things that normally happen to us in an average day of work. Some people can tolerate it and it's not an issue. Other people, however, need to have some kind of adventure in their lives; they need something that moves them quite literally.

Well in the modern era of work, there are plenty of careers that have travel in their list of positives. You can do all kinds of jobs with different responsibilities and be surrounded by a different background every day of the week. It all depends on what kind of person you are and the kinds of things you want to achieve. Just because you’re moving all around the world weekly, doesn’t mean that your career is any less meaningful. We establish an attachment to our place of work and when we get a promotion our office sometimes changes. You might not see that in job that has you travel the world, but you will have a big impact on the people you for and with. Here are some jobs you can do and travel at the same time.

Being your own boss

Travel vloggers are actually some of the most viewed channels on YouTube and every other video sharing platform. People want to live vicariously through you and see parts of the world they haven’t or will never see. You’re literally travelling around the world doing what you would normally do except you’re video recording your days. All you need is a laptop and a video camera. It's quite a simple thing to do also. You just need to be comfortable in front of the camera, document the things you do and make the videos interesting when you edit them. You make money by having advertisements on your videos and sooner or later when you have a large following, brands will contact you to review their products in your videos. This could be a waterproof camera, hiking boots or even things like binoculars.

Share your passion

Becoming a tour guide is actually easier than you think. All you need is knowledge. That sounds simple but it takes time and effort to learn the history of a location and country. For example, if you’re from America but you love Spain, you should learn the history of the country by reading and watching documentaries. If you would like to be a tour guide for a travel agency or a local business, then you need to learn the history of the local area. One of the things you can do is move into the area you’re interested in for a month. You’ll live with the locals, and begin to know the best markets, restaurants, things to do such as museums and theatres and learn the basics of the language also. You can apply to a travel agency or apply at a local business that wants people who can speak English so that communicating with tourists is much easier. All you have to do to get started is pick up a history book and know your facts.

Riding the ocean

One of the most glamorous jobs for someone who wishes to travel is to do so by sea. There’s a great demand for waiters and general help on private ships and boats. The rich and famous love to travel and ride the waves, so you can work on a yacht as a crewmember. Use the website to find out what kinds of jobs there are available and see where you would like to go. You’ll be doing all the things a normal crew member would be doing such as helping people with seasickness, serving food and drinks, helping anyone who is injured and generally being on hand for whatever kind of issue there is.

The key is to be polite and always be prepared to help in strange circumstances. Bear in mind you’re probably going to be on a company or privately owned yacht, therefore there may be some odd jobs that you’ll do. This could be organizing transport to and from the boat for guests, taking special requests such as food allergies and perhaps even helping someone who is in need of medical attention. For this however, you will be trained of course.

Travelling the world and seeing new things just as part of your job is an awesome luxury that the overwhelming amount of people don’t have. If you’re someone who wants adventure and wishes to interact with all kinds of people, these kinds of careers are going to be right up your street.