The Comfortable Guide To Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is an important one to consider. As a boss, it’s a time where you can celebrate a year of hard work with your staff, get to know them better, and generally help you cap off a year with celebration. If you’ve had a hard working year, this can provide a very cathartic release. If you’ve had a great year, then live it up!

Just be sure to limit your drinking no matter how many of your staff members try to buy you one, as you do unfortunately need to lead by example even at this event. But that implies that the only good Christmas party is one surrounded by alcohol. Not so.

In fact, with these office Christmas party ideas, and the willingness to plan a little ahead, you could enjoy a wonderful time. Don’t be afraid to postpone it until the new year, or another time. Not all businesses can party during the heavy rush of December. What matters is that it actually happens.


Business Switching

It can be worthwhile to switch out your Christmas party with another firm looking to do theirs.. How can this work? Well, let’s say you’re a restaurant, and you’re in dialogue with a nearby bowling alley. It might be that a night in your restaurant could be compensated, or at least mutually booked with your team heading to their bowling alley. You will likely pay each other for the privilege effectively cancelling out the cost, while also giving both teams a different experience they can enjoy. Of course, you’ll likely need to schedule different dates for this effort, but it could create a little more goodwill in your local business community, and maybe even market your business to one another. If you have a functional and applicable business for this, it might be worthwhile to consider.

Escape Rooms

Escape room can be an excellent use of your time for the Christmas party. Not only do they foster teamwork and hilarious fun, but a real challenge. You might foster competition by dividing your team into groups and have them try to set the time possible. Escape rooms are well choreographed experiences, can often provide you with photographs of the experience for you to cherish, and can also function as a form of team-building activity, which isn’t without its benefits looking on as a boss.

A Beautiful Dinner

A beautiful meal, where everyone dresses up and is on their best behavior, can be a wonderful way for a team to bond. Not only does it give everyone the chance to wear their best clothing and present themselves for who they are, but it allows gentle conversation, the social lubricant of a little wine, and the ability to laugh about matters experienced through the year. This can often serve as a cathartic release for the entire staff, perhaps even a little therapy. No matter what you’ll all be blessed with a great meal, and sometimes that’s more than enough.

With these simple ideas, your Christmas party is sure to be memorable.