Think You Don't Have Time For A Side Hustle? Think Again!

It’s the world’s worst kept secret… Raising a child today is expensive. What’s more, making money while raising a child can be difficult. Maternity pay is great, but rarely does it afford us enough to raise our children comfortably. Plus, in a workplace where pregnancy and maternity discrimination are still rife, the very prospect of returning to work can be challenging. You may find that your employer doesn’t keep their promises about allowing you to come back to work or only accepts you back on a part time basis. Or they may take you back in a reduced capacity or at a reduced salary. Thus, Mums need a safety net, a means of making a little extra money on the side to insulate themselves and their families from financial risk. You may have heard that a side hustle can help you to do exactly that, but you may worry that you don’t have time while juggling the demands of your career and your newfound parental responsibilities.

Fortunately there are a range if side hustles that allow you to make money without impinging massively on your free time. For example...

Appsolutely fabulous

There are a plethora of apps that pay you money available on the iOS and Android stores. They require little in the way of time and very little in the way of effort. The great thing about many of these apps is that you can pick them up for a few minutes in your down time, put them down when duty calls and pick them back up again. None of them will pay the mortgage on their own but when you get a feel for the apps that work best for you, you will find that you can make a few pounds here and there which add up to a lot by the end of the month. Plus, none of them feel like work. If you like the idea of getting paid for;

  • Taking surveys

  • Watching videos

  • Referring friends to trusted brands

There’s no doubt that money making apps are for you!

Get paid to do stuff you’d do anyway

There are also a great many ways in which you can get paid without taking any time out from your daily routine whatsoever. There are apps that will pay you for being a mystery shopper, apps that will give you cashback on your day to day purchases and even apps that will pay you for working out. Not the digital type? Why not establish yourself as the neighbourhood dog walker and pamper your neighbour’s pooches while they are busy at work?  

Monetise your hobbies

Raising a child is a tiring enterprise, and the last thing a new Mum needs is more work. Fortunately there are a number of ways in which she can make money from her hobbies. Selling her artwork and crafts on Etsy (great art is always a popular Christmas gift), monetising her blog or trying her luck as a freelance writer are all viable and potentially lucrative sources of income.

A side hustle needn’t be laborious or time consuming. They can be profitable and fun!