50 Ways To Improve Your Business Today!

Do you run a financial services firm? Perhaps you set up your own beauty salon a few years ago? Maybe you have a long-established consultancy company? No matter what applies, it is vital that you continuously look for ways to improve your business. After all, there is always room for improvement! If you are struggling to know where to start, though, don’t fret, as you will find plenty of suggestions in this blog post. Read on to discover 50 different ways that you can improve your company today…

  1. Optimise your website content so that it is likely to feature in the answer box on Google. Google is changing all of the time, so you need to make sure you adapt.

  2. Revisit your business plan. There is no time like the present to give this the once over and make some changes.

  3. Separate business and personal finances if they are not already.

  4. Start prioritising your tasks.

  5. Put together a guest blogging strategy. Be sure that all of your associations and links are relevant and of a premium quality.

  6. Take the time to learn more about SEO, no matter whether this is something you outsource or keep in-house.

  7. Increase your company’s floor space and boost efficiency by downloading the Camscanner app.

  8. Ask yourself: what makes your business different? If you don’t know, now is the time to figure it out.

  9. Start investing in yourself. Improving your skill set will improve your business.

  10. Measure and monitor performance at all levels.

  11. Offer your customers rewards if they make any referrals.

  12. Talk to your employees and ask about any improvements they feel are needed.

  13. Head to an outstanding company, which has nothing to do with your business. This is a great source of inspiration.

  14. Brainstorm how to improve employee retention rates.

  15. If your website is not optimised for mobile use, invest in responsive design.

  16. Start planning more. Planning before acting is the key to success.

  17. What would you do if you hit a road bump with regards to cash? Make a plan for cash shortfalls today.

  18. Ditch stock photos and take your own.

  19. Look into IT support so you can increase productivity and keep security issues at bay.

  20. Instead of prioritising creating revenue, start prioritising creating value.

  21. In an attempt to boost your eco efforts, introduce a competition within the workplace. This can encourage employees to go green, which, in turn, benefits your business as a whole.

  22. Say maybe before you say no.

  23. The night before you go to work, take ten minutes to plan what you are going to do the next day.

  24. Put together detailed buyer personas.

  25. If you have not already, now is the time to add some ergonomic furniture to your office.

  26. Run an event that gives you the chance to network with your clients.

  27. Have a day of de-cluttering at your premises.

  28. Reduce the amount of paper that you use in the office. This is something that you can incorporate with no.13. Don’t forget to use all of these approaches in your branding material so that you can boost your business identity too.

  29. Before every meeting, start setting agendas and giving them to everyone so that your meetings run smoothly.

  30. Stop targeting all social media platforms. Do research to find out where your consumers are actually based.

  31. Implement a formal change management procedure.

  32. No matter whether you sell products or services, you should think about introducing an affiliate marketing program as a way to reach more people.

  33. Start communicating with stakeholders on a more regular basis so you can improve relationships.

  34. Start extracting data about customers that visit your website so you can get to know them better.

  35. Follow up with all customers today that you have not spoken to in a while.

  36. Focus on the top funnel.

  37. To make sure there is no duplicate content on your blog or website, use Copyscape. This is a cheap platform yet an effective one.

  38. Delegate some of the tasks you have on your desk today.

  39. After every meeting, send a summary email to everyone that attended.

  40. Start using freelancers to plug any gaps you have at your business.

  41. Boost organisation by using a free platform like Trello. Trello is simple, yet it is very effective.

  42. Put together a loyalty program for your existing customers. A lot of business owners make the error of overlooking their current client base because they are so concerned with getting new customers through the door. However, your existing clients are just as important, if not more so.

  43. Start letting your employees take frequent breaks.

  44. If you do not already, let your remote workers and office workers engage in small talk via instant messenger so they feel more comfortable.

  45. Check all of your software programs now to find out whether there are any updates waiting to be carried out. If there are, do them straight away.

  46. Practice listening to people more.

  47. Bookmark websites that provide industry news and check them each morning.

  48. Send an email to clients asking them to leave a review.

  49. Create an e-course online.

  50. Work on your levels of emotional intelligence.

So there you have it: 50 different ways that you can help your company to achieve more. From optimising your Google box content to outsourcing IT support, there are so many ways you can expand and grow your company. Of course, all of the suggestions mentioned may not be applicable to your business but, hopefully, you have found a good chunk that you can use to progress your firm and achieve more.