Is Your Website Modern Enough?

Almost everyone has a website these days; whether you have a very extensive and dedicated social media page, or you’ve built yourself a blog and a following to go with it, you’ve got an online presence and it matters. But there’s a lot of outdated concepts and websites out there, and often enough there’s no room for them in the modern age.

It seems like such a simple question, but there’s so many answers out there for it, and there’s so many opinions to factor in as well! But in truth, modern websites have a lot of innate features that make them accessible and professional, and now’s the time to check if you have them too. So here’s a couple of the best assets to add into your website to make it a little more modern for increased viewership, and hopefully some better reviews whilst you’re at it!

Do You Have Plenty of Information?

If someone opens up a homepage and only sees one or two lines explaining who the company is or what they offer, they’re very likely to close the site down again in seconds. Why? Because they have no idea what you do or what you sell, and you’ve hidden all of your products behind other pages, with minimal descriptions on those too!

So when you’re designing a website, make sure you’ve got plenty of information for the reader to indulge in, and that you’re being friendly and upfront about who you are, your prices, and give them a visible option to contact you with questions, comments, and concerns. A faceless company is never going to win out against someone who shows off who they are; it’s far more human after all, and that’s what readers connect to!

Can a Customer Navigate Easily?

If they can’t, you need to change this right now! Navigation is one of the most important things about an interface. When you’ve got an entire roster of information and services at someone’s disposal on your website, they need to be able to sort through it in seconds. So if you haven’t even got a search bar, now’s the time to get yourself one; hopefully your navigation tabs will be near the top of the homepage as well, as this is the first place someone on the other side of the screen will look.

There’s a good chance you’re losing about three customers for everyone you gain, seeing as most people don’t want to have to sort through your entire archive to find what they’re looking for! The posts or products you write out and offer need to be on display and easy to find, and if you can’t introduce an update like that yourself, read more here to find the best company who will know exactly what you need and can upgrade your website for you!

Your website can be incredibly modern if you just give it a quick think. Accessibility is the most important factor in today’s world, update yours for success!