Why Building Lifestyle Businesses is Better Than Creating a Startup

Startups are great, but they do not suit everyone. They can be costly to get going and many thousands of them fail every single year. A lifestyle business is different because you are only expecting to make enough money to live. Employees are not usually an option, but the business will let you do just enough to survive financially for the lifestyle you want.

Of course, lifestyle is totally different for each individual, and what your lifestyle nosiness is might not suit the person standing next to you.

Employed Lifestyle

For some it involves working for other people, often called a vocation. Teaching jobs and the medical profession would be counted among these lifestyle jobs. They are not usually the sorts of work you do to make a lot of money, but because you love the environment and the task you have undertaken.

Lifestyle Businesses

However, for those of you that do not want fixed hours, or even days, starting your own lifestyle business might be the answer. Many entrepreneurs that get involved in starts ups have a vision of an easy life once the business is up and running. This is rarely the case though and they usually turn out to be much harder work than they think.

Making Profits

Startups often have more expenses than they realised they would.  Running a business can involve premises, salaries and many other overheads. It is said that a new startup should not expect to be profitable for the first 2 years at least, and often t takes 3 years or more. They generally need much more funding at the outset than a lifestyle business as well.

You can start your lifestyle business with very little cash, and be earning enough to live off very soon. Because you are not aiming for the huge profits but just a way of life, you are far more likely to achieve your aims in a much shorter time.

Working From Anywhere

With a lifestyle business you can work from wherever you want, and the old cliché about working on the beach in paradise is true. As long as you have an Internet connection, your work can be done anywhere, and for as long as you want. It is not unusual for lifestyle entrepreneurs to work in countries other than the UK. There are many tropical islands, for instance, that are very cheap to live and have a much friendlier tax regime.

Less Stressful

You will not be under any pressure, as is the case with many startups, because you will not be in the position of having borrowed money to get off the ground or have any investors. You are working to please you and no one else and you will be in control of whatever you do.

As you become known in your niche, the work you do will become easier to find. You will learn from experience too, so could soon be earning a better income for even less work than you do to start with. Startups are not always bad and for some people, it is the lifestyle they have chosen, but having total freedom and control of your life is what a lifestyle business allows.