Are Your Employees Damaging Your Brand?

It’s an interesting question; are your employees harming your brand image? The answer could well be yes, and there are many reasons for this. So, to help you figure out if your employees are more hindrance than a help, here are a few ways they could be damaging your brand - and some solutions to fix them!

Employees don’t reflect your brand values

Do your employees align themselves with your core values and beliefs? If they don’t, then this can be damaging as they may present different values that are the complete opposite of everything you stand for. So, when customers or clients come into contact with your employees, they get the wrong impression of your business.

The solution? Hire people that fit your business and the culture you’re creating. There are loads of recruitment agencies like Pure Staff, where you can find the right people for your company. Ensure they align with your brand so they can help promote your values and your mission statement!

Employees are misbehaving

Bad behaviour is a genuine issue in the business world. If you have employees that are continually misbehaving - either at work or outside of it - then it reflects poorly on your brand. They might be getting drunk while in their work uniform, or posting bad tweets on social media - while displaying info that links them to your company. Either way, it looks bad and hurts your brand image.

It’s hard to stop this, but one rule can be for employees to only wear any branded work clothes at work. This means they can’t be instantly linked back to your business if they’re out misbehaving. Having strict policies to prevent behavioural problems helps too; let them know the consequences if they do things that are out of order.  

Employees aren’t passionate about their work

This is a particular issue in businesses that require face-to-face contact with customers/clients. If your employees are visually unhappy, then it makes your brand look bad. Customers walk away thinking wow, I won’t go there again, what a moody business.

Again, this comes down to a hiring issue; ensure you hire people who are actually passionate about their job. They should come in with a smile on their face every day! Positive customer interactions lead to a positive brand image.

Employees keep leaving

High turnover rates will kill your brand. Customers notice that they continue dealing with new people every few weeks; it makes it seem like your company sucks as no one stays for longer than a few months.