8 ways to shine on Twitter

There’s a lot of talk of twitter dying at the moment, no one wants to buy it, the shareholders are getting edgy – isn’t everyone on Instagram now anyway?


Everyday 100 million users log on, there are 317 million twitter users, 120 million unique users every month, and 500 million that just go and take a look without logging on.  There are 13.1 million twitter users in the UK and the average times a twitter user shops on line is 6.9 times a month. It’s also worth noting that 40% of people who log onto twitter every day don’t tweet, like, comment or share – but they are using it as a news feed and seeing your brand.

So, we can tell there are still a lot of people enjoying the twitter experience.

In the month of October I was featured in Ecologist magazine, picked up as a branding expert by RBS and contacted by a woman's magazine, who love my style and are interested in doing a feature on me and asked if my story could be told in a book!

This is all because of twitter! 

Let’s look at how you too can shine on twitter.


1 - What is your @name? 

Is it consistent with your branding?  Does it reflect how you’re know across other social media networks?

See the opportunity of creating your @name as another way to add to your brand, to build the know, like and trust factor so people want to do business with you.

I worked with a lady who’s @name was something like @sam152334332 – don’t pick something like this!

2 - What does your bio say?

Is it easy to see what you do and for who?  Have you included any #hashtags that are relevant to your industry? Is in inspiring enough – does it make people want to follow you? Would you click?

It’s worth asking yourself these questions, you need to see your bio as your elevator pitch.  You’ve got 60 seconds to sell yourself – how are you going to do it.

Here’s my bio:

I support women in business work smarter with social media. Runs #bluestockings & @ftnottm

Here’s the bio of the network I run:

ftnottm is for people interested in doing #business differently! #creatives #entrepreneurs #freethinkers @Antenna_uk every First Tuesday with @debbiedooodah

Does it make you interested – would you like to find out more?  I hope so!

You also need to make sure your website is linked; this gives people a way to find out about you.  One of the main reasons to use social media is to drive traffic back to your website – so don’t waste this opportunity.

3 - Image is everything

You can have both a header photo and profile picture on twitter.  This is a further opportunity for you to add to your brand image and consistency. 

Your profile picture should be either your brand logo or a photo of you.  If you are a solo entrepreneur it’s best to have your image; your clients will effectively be buying services from you, so use this opportunity to start to build a relationship.  If you are a larger company you may want to use your logo. 

8 Ways To Shine On Twitter.jpg

Remember consistency is key here – so whatever you choose to use, make sure it is the same across all your social media profiles.  As a customer I will easily be able to recognise your company if the image you use is the same across all platforms, helping me to build that know, like and trust factor.

Your header image could be your businesses logo or a picture that adds greater understanding to what you do.  Be wary of having central text in your header photo as this will lay behind your bio text if someone checks your profile out on a tablet or phone.  You could also use the header image to advertise your latest course, product or offer – just remember to keep any text to the sides.

I love using canva to help me create images for social media, they have all the sizes worked out for different social media platforms and interesting templates.

4 – Followers mean prizes

Generally you want to have more people following you than you follow.  People will look at your follower ratio to ‘work out’ if you understand twitter and therefore if you are worth following.

Take some time to have a think about who your ideal customer is?  Who is going to get the most benefit from your products and who do you want to market to?  Once you know who this is you’re going to want to find them on twitter and follow them in the hope that they are interested enough to follow you back.

You can do this in a number of ways.  Using #hashtags means that you can find people tweeting about particular topics.  If you’re looking to work with entrepreneurs in London do a search for #entrepreneurs #London – everyone tweeting with these hashtags will pop up, check them out and follow them if they seem interesting.

The other way you can find followers is to look for accounts that are similar to yours.  So, if you are a coffee shop in Camden, find other coffee shops in Camden – check out their followers, someone of them will be interested in your account too.

But, and here’s the rub. Those people that didn’t follow you back need to go, to keep your follower ratio tip top.  So every once in a while, go and unfollow those that didn’t follow you back.

5 – Inspire, Educate and Entertain

To make twitter work for you you’re going to have to engage your followers and the way to do that is to inspire, educate and entertain them. 

Remember this is all about your ideal customer, so think about the sorts of things that would make them interested.

You also need to remember that social media and especially twitter is about building relationships, not just sell, sell, sell.  So keep in ming the 80/20 rule.  Sell your products 20% of the time, but the other 80% of the time is about posting content that’s interesting, that inspires, that add value to your brand.

Also by having an interesting account people will want to follow you and people will retweet your tweets, meaning more people see what you are posting.

6 – Use lists

Once you start following a few people, it can be hard to keep track of those people you really want to engage.

This is where twitter lists come in.  You can create lists that are secret or public and add people to them. So I have a list called ‘social media lovelies’ that means I can keep conversations going with people I have connected with on twitter. I check this list regularly to see what those people are tweeting about.


7 – Schedule your tweets

You don’t need to be on twitter all time, but you will need to tweet around 5-20 times a day to get your message out there.  There are a whole heap of tools that can help you schedule your tweets in advance, buffer, tweetdeck and hootsuite to name a few.

Remember though that twitter is about engaging, so do take time to engage in conversations with people and respond when people reach out to you.

8 - Use hashtags

Hashtags are so important on twitter - it makes your tweet stand out and gives people who aren't following you the opportunity to find out what you do.  

Not sure which hashtags to use?  Twitter lets you know what is trending on the day and you can also if you look in your analytics under 'events' and 'recurring trends' where it will tell you the most popular hashtags for each day of the week.  You'll also want to take a look at what hashtags your competitors are using and find out the local hashtags for your area.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in finding out more about using twitter to grow your business, work with me over 4 sessions to get clarity & confidence to grow your business online.