Instagram it up!

Hey friends and countrymen,

Instagram goes Business!

Just a quick post here about Instagram as there are some changes and little gizmo's I wanted to share with you!

First, quick switch your Instagram account to a business account - you'll get access to insights, so you'll know what posts are doing well at what time - fabulous for your strategic thinking.

Plus you'll get a little call me, email me button on your profile!


Just go to settings and switch your account to a business account - it will link up with Facebook and voila - it's that simple!

Get posting and learning what your audience likes, at what time and get devious and give them more of what they like!

My Pet Hangup

People, people - please, please have the same twitter and instagram handle! It's an opportunity for you to build on your brand for one thing, you're more recognisable, and people like things they can trust - like names.

But it's more than that...

If I am cross posting from Instagram to twitter and you have 2 different names, then you don't get the benefit of me interacting with you on both platforms.  And I look silly like I don't really know who I'm talking to on one of the platforms - as the link won't work!

Go, be consistent, get the benefit of people talking to you and EXPOSE your brand!

Share, Share, Share

If like me, you hate the fact that when you share your gorgeous instagram images onto twitter, you end up with a horrible blue url link on your twitter post - then you need to If This Then That it!

Yes - this cool little hack creates what it call's recipes across the internets!  It can do lots of cross fertilisation - but this best one for me is... If I post to instagram post to twitter with the image.

Da, da!

That's it - 2 seconds and you'll be filling your twitter feed up with gorgeous images.

Finally - advertising

If you've used Facebook adverts manager you'll know that you can now also show the same advert on your instagram feed - in fact it will automatically do it if your accounts are linked. If you don't want to also advertise on Instagram you'll need to un-check a box throughout the process.

The only annoying thing is that if you advertise to both platforms Facebook currently doesn't seem to be able to give you conversion rates once the advert is completed - but I'm sure they'll be fixing that tout sweet!


Also...cross posting to Facebook

Instagram is also a great way to keep your Facebook followers up to date with what you're doing - but all the hashtags can look a bit out of place.  

You have 2 options

Either post to Facebook and Instagram, then go back edit the post and put in all your lovely hashtags onto your instagram post...or...

Add those hashtags into a comment at the end of your instagram post.  Different people have different preferences and I prefer either way - so go with what suits you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this update.

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