27 questions to help you identify your Ideal Customer

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll notice that I talk about the Ideal Customer quite a lot! It’s one of the first things I get a client to do (after mapping out their why and their USP) in the Clarity & Confidence programme.

It’s so important to consider because it gives a backdrop to creating content on your website, choosing which social media or marketing channels you use, the types of offer and price point to go for, creating blogs, newsletters, videos. Really apart from pinning down what’s different about you and your offer, knowing your customer is the second most important thing.

But how do you go about it?

You can create a really clear picture of who you most want to work with, can make the biggest impact with, and who will get the most from your service.

You may work with men and women who are between 25 and 65. But it’s going to be difficult for you to create content that speaks to everyone in that pool – hint, there’s a lot.

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But if for example you do your best work with women around 45 who feel disillusioned with their career, are aware that their kids are about to leave home and feel a burning desire to go discover something about themselves and their capabilities, who reads the Guardian, likes pets and escapes to the countryside – then you can create compelling content that speaks to them and offers them your solution to their problems.

You want to get to the point where your future customers think, Jesus, she knows me, she understands where I come from and she can help me get where I want to be.

It doesn’t mean that Bob who’s 55 won’t also read your content and be able to translate your offer to him, it just means that you’ll have a stronger starting point.

For example I’m sure if you’ve known me for a while you’ll know that I aim my service at women in business. But you’ll be amazed how many men I coach, it doesn’t stop them coming, because they can see I know my stuff!

And if you’re wondering if it can fit you, here’s a fabulous example of the ideal customer in action.

I was listening to the Composer Hans Zimmerman talking on radio 4. Now Hans is the composer for everything from the Pirates of the Carribbean, Thelma and Louise and many things inbetween.

The interviewer was asking Hans how he constructs the scores of these movies. Now remember Hans is absolutely at the top of his field. The interviewer asked him, did he look at the movie, did he take into account what the Hollywood execs said they wanted or something else. Hans opted for the something else.

He said, he disregarded what the Hollywood Execs wanted, he almost disregarded the movie. He writes all his music for one person. A single mum, who saves us her pennies so she can go to the movies. He writes all his music so that this woman can have a relaxing moment of peace.

I got goose bumps – ah, ha I thought if a composer can use the concept of the ideal customer than anyone can.

So here’s some questions for you to think over to help you understand your ideal customer a little better, so you can speak directly to them and offer them your solution. Whether that is the perfect engagement ring, or coaching that will help them find the perfect job.

1.      What situation is your Ideal Customer in when they first find you?

2.      What problems do they need to solve?

3.      What problems do they currently have?

4.      What is their ideal dream ending after using your product or service?

5.      Who do they want to become?

6.      What are their ultimate desires?

7.      What results do they want?

8.      What’s holding them back from achieving this dream?

9.      What triggered them to find you?

10.   What’s at stake if they don’t hire you or buy your product?

11.   What do you do to take them from point A to point B

12.   What clients do you love working with?

13.   What problems do you solve?

14.   Who has these problems?

15.   What audiences do you have credibility with?

16.   How do you have this credibility?

17.   What interests does your Ideal Customer have?

18.   Do they like big 3-week holidays, or lots of small European breaks?

19.   Do they read The Guardian or The Daily Mail?

20.   Are you more likely to find them on Facebook, Linkedin or somewhere else?

21.   Are they an over-achiever or do they have untapped potential?

22.   Do they listen to podcasts, read blogs? Which ones?

23.   Do they have children?

24.   Are they married?

25.   What income bracket are they in?

26.   Are they male or female?

27.   How old are they?

Now give yourself an hour to go through these questions. What you really want to get is a clear idea of who they are, what their pains points are and how you can offer your solution.

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You can methodically go through these questions. You could also if you’re feeling creative, grab a big A3 piece of paper, some old magazines and get cutting and sticking. Create a mood board that represents your ideal customer. Really get to know them. Choose images and words that ring true for them. Give them a name.

Go forth and get clear on who you can help!

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