11 things to do with your blog once it’s written

So we all know that writing blog are a good idea for our business.

They help your ideal customer understand what we can offer them. You can give them answers to the problems they are having. You can flex your expertise muscles. You can let them know the type of person you are, what it would be like to work with you and how you can help them.

And as a nice plus it helps with SEO (that’s getting found on google) and it gives you things to share on social media.

So you’ve written your blog, what do you do next?

Here are 10 things to do with your blog once it’s written:

1 – Post it on your website

Your blogs should sit within your website. That way you tell google what you’re good at, and it will hopefully start sending people to your site. Plus when people come to your site to read your blog, they will hopefully go and check out your other pages too!

11 ways to share your blog - debbiedooodah.png

2 – Share it with your newsletter

Your newsletter crew are literally waiting for good quality content from you – that’s why they signed up to your newsletter. So let them have it.

I prefer to cut and paste the entire thing into the newsletter. I do this for a number of reasons.

One, I’d rather they read it. The more steps you take for someone to consume your content the more people you lose along the way. Plus people read my email and then reply to me. So I get one to one interaction with them – the gold dust of marketing!

3 – Post it on your Facebook Page

Now I tend to post my entire blog post on my Facebook page. There are a number of reasons I do this too!

One, Facebook is not a fan of outbound links, so it won’t give you a good organic reach if you’re sending people out of it’s site.

And two I want people to read it. Your customers are having a good time on Facebook, they don’t necessarily want to go elsewhere, so why interrupt the thing they are doing now, which is spending time on Facebook?

Plus your ideal customers will take the time to respond to your blog in the comments, if you took them to your website, you probably would miss out on that interaction.

And if you’re wondering about missing out on hits to your website doing it this way. Don’t be. I never send people from Facebook to my website, and Facebook is still the biggest driver of traffic to my site.

4 – Post it to Instagram

Your blog needs a great image when you post it on your website, so use this image on Instagram.

Give people an idea about the content and then tell them to click them link in your bio to read the rest.

You could do this several times with different images and different text if you wanted to.

5 – Post to twitter

You can share your blog link on twitter as many times as you like. So schedule a few tweets over the next few days with the image, some blurb and the link and include a couple of good hashtags. I use buffer for this.

6 - Post to linkedIn

Give people a taste of the content and post your blog to linkedIn. The image should pull up from your weblink.

7 – Post as an article on LinkedIn

Once your blog has been live on your website for 2 weeks you can post as an article on LinkedIn.

This means copy and pasting the entire article, with images and some call to action at the bottom and posting on LinkedIn.

These articles then sit on your profile page forever more.


8 – Do a Facebook Live / IGTV / LinkedIn video / Youtube

You’ve come up with some great content, why not turn it into a video format.

9 – Post in groups

If your blog is relevant to groups you are in you could share your original post on Facebook and post it into a group.

10 – Post on your Facebook personal page

If you think your friends on Facebook would be interested you could share your original Facebook post from your business page to your personal.

11 – Create a pin for pinterest

This is how I do this. Go into canva and create a pin for pinterest on the content of your blog. Drop the pin into the content of your blog on your website. Pin from your website to pinterest with a little blurb.

And voila 11 ways you can get sharing your blog content with the world. Remember is takes a lot of time to create your amazing blogs, so makes sure you make the most of them and get them out there!

Looking for more help with your blogs?