5 amazing TED lectures that will change how you do business

My beloved Great nan Ruby once told me that you never stop learning no matter how old you are. To me, she seemed very old, and that idea amazed me.

I thought we went to school, college and maybe university, and then phew stopped. ‘That’s it I’ve stopped learning’, on with the real business of being alive.

I never knew that the real business of being alive was learning and ostensibly growing.

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When I did my degree we had to look in books for inspiration, the internet didn’t really exist like it did today, or you went to lectures and listened (to sometimes not very inspiring people).

How amazing that now we have so much information at our fingertips (and like the lectures, it’s not all amazing), but some of it blows me away!

We have access to lecturers, scientists, entrepreneurs, brain surgeons, musicians – all sorts of people who have something worthwhile sharing.

And that’s where my love of Ted lectures comes from, the ability to get someone’s amazing research or life experience share with me so I can learn and grow.

My Great nan never left the UK, she said she didn’t need to, she could travel the world with her TV. And similarly I don’t have to go to university in America or work in an innovative organisation to get access to some of the best minds – they’re right here in my office with me!

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So here’s my top 5 of all time (well the ones I’ve watched anyway) Ted lectures – and believe me, it was hard!

Is Education Killing Creativity by Ted Robinson

The might be one of the first Ted lectures I watched or the first. It blew my mind that this guy seemed to talk so much sense, but literally, it felt like no-one was paying attention. Why isn’t everyone who makes decisions in education watching this and taking note?

So even though we all have access to some of the brightest minds – clearly not everyone is making the most of this amazing opportunity!

A report earlier this year by the BBC showed that music, arts, drama, design, and technology are being squeezed out of the education system. With 4 in 10 spending less money on these areas and 3 in 10 reducing classes and specialists.

What craziness is this? We didn’t know the internet existed when I was at school, we need to prepare our children for a future we don’t know – getting them to work and think creatively is paramount.

Your Body Language Shapes Who You are by Amy Cuddy

I just love that fact that how I stand and hold myself will increase my confidence and ability to get what I want.

Before a big pitch, just go stand in a toilet and do a Super Woman pose. You’ll feel more powerful and come across so much better.

Simple things we can do every day to improve the way we perceive ourselves and how others see us.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek

Lightbulbs went off when I watched this. He had put everything I was saying about having purpose and values in business in a much more eloquent way. Simon backed up what I was thinking, and proved it with fabulous examples of real live business.

You aren’t what you do, you’re why you do it – and that’s what people care.

So important to watch this if you run your own business!

The Power of vulnerability – Brene Brown

This really opened my eyes to how being vulnerable in business was needed for success. The ability to open up and let people in. The ability to try, even if you might fail.

I won’t go on about it too much, as it was the subject of my post last week – just scroll down to read all about it!

And finally

The Art of Innovation by Guy Kawaski

Watching this man worth $30 million dollars talk about innovation is well worth it. He embodies elements from all the others, he’s creative, he inspires others to action, he certainly carries himself well, and he was vulnerable and gave us some idea of his life at home and the mistake he has made.

Want to know how to be more innovative in your business – watch this.

So there you have it. My top 5, there are other I could have out in that I’ve enjoyed, but I picked these because they come to me again and again in my life. The lessons I learned here I apply every day, so I wanted to share them with you.

Never stop learning!

What Ted lectures do you love, I’d love to hear your recommendations...

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