Is Your Instagram Relationship On The Rocks?

The trouble is, not all relationships are as good as they appear. Behind closed doors, every couple argues. It may be that you’ve had to compromise on how often you post to keep Instagram happy. Perhaps they’ve had to start putting you before their other users. Either way, you thought you’d worked through issues. That is until you notice that you’re losing subscribers every time you post.

There’s a temptation to fly off the handle. You’ve done everything for Instagram, and this is how they repay you!? But, screaming arguments have never been the way back to happiness. Instead then, like any reasonable partner, ask yourself what you’re doing to harm your chances. By taking a closer look at your habits, you’ll come to see that Instagram isn’t at fault after all. Read on to find out why.

Your pictures are down to you

Your pictures are down to you. Instagram can be a supportive partner, but they can’t control your content. If you’re losing followers each time you post, it may be that your pictures aren’t good enough. Here, even amateur photographers take professional quality snaps of their sandwiches. Sloppy work won’t wash. Instead, you need to think every post through. If you’re taking pictures of products, consider your composition. Think about everything from background to props. If you’re really struggling, it may be worth turning to professionals like those found at That way, you can rest easy every snap is the best it can be. That should leave you gaining rather than losing after every post.

You need to keep content fresh

It’s also worth noting the importance of keeping content fresh. If you’re posting the same style of picture, it’s no surprise people are unfollowing. Talk about boring. Again, this is by no means Instagrams fault. It’s down to you to make things exciting and keep content varied, after all. While you do need an ongoing style, you should aim to keep content varied. Change the colours of your backdrops. Alternate between selfies and product pics. Whatever you do, make sure your content is new and well worth seeing every time.

It’s your fault if you’re selfish

Many a relationship comes to an end because of selfish behaviour, and this one is no different. As can be seen from sites like, a failure to interact is a major cause for lost followers. The fact is that social media is all about being social. If you’re selfish with your posting and don’t interact, you’re sure to upset and lose followers. Make sure it doesn’t happen by commenting on other people’s posts. This shows you’re not just out for yourself, and can ensure you and Instagram stay happy together for a long time to come.