Are your customers clear on how you help them?

This is the exact question I had to ask myself this week, and you think as someone who advises others on their marketing I would have got this right!

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But I want to share my story with you, and hopefully, you’ll be able to learn a little from me! Well, that’s the hope anyway!

Because if you’re not completely clear when you're marketing your offer, clients that could have been a perfect fit for you might just go and find someone else – and that would be a damn shame!

I got on the phone with a fabulous career coach this week, to discuss her sending some of her clients my way if they’d be better suited for my skills.

And may I just say here what a delight this is. I love the fact that as business owners, we can support each other and send clients this way and that depending on their needs. Not every customer that walks through your door will be ideal, but what a joy to be able to refer them to someone better suited.

I certainly love being able to support other people’s businesses by making referrals!

But that is an aside!

So as I was speaking to this fabulous coach and when I explained what I did with my clients, she exclaimed that she had no idea I did all these things, she’s just started working with another coach, but might have come to me if she’d known.

Now, this person wasn’t new to the debbiedooodah brand. In fact, my Facebook lives had inspired her to create her own lives and her sister was a big fan.


But she still wasn’t clear on what I did.

And this conundrum fits solely at my door.

So here’s the thing. As your business grows and moves, you will get more strings to your bow, you add to your talents and you may slightly move away from your original niche.

But if you don’t communicate this effectively with others, how on earth are they to know?

I started out in business as a social media specialist. It’s what I’m known for, it’s what I lecture and run workshops on. People come to me for that and I’m really happy to share strategies and tools for success.

But in my head, I am so much more than that! And maybe that's the point - it's in my head!

Here’s what a client wrote to me recently ‘Thank you so much for guiding me through this process. It’s so much more than marketing and very personal - I feel very lucky to have had your support.’

When clients work with me, we talk about money mindset, confidence, packaging, getting out of your own way, time management, building a brand, creating content, developing a voice, building relationships.

I was working with a client this week who was surprised and relieved to know that she could talk about money with me, and that part of our work was pulling this apart and creating a sound strategy so her business could grow.

What's your passion?

I know that running a business is hairy scary. I know there is more to life than social media.

My passion is supporting women to build profit-making business. In fact, it’s my mission.

I left home at 17, and spent a good few years in what we will call for now the ‘wilderness years’. Making bad choices and being poor. I was a single mum on benefits for 8 years. When I was young I listened to my mother talk about leaving my dad, but she was scared and frustrated, and her lack of finances were a big part of it.

I know that having a secure income does lead to peace of mind. It’s fabulous to earn enough money to pay the bills, buy a convertible and put a diamond ring on it. And I want to support women just like you do the same.

So I’m so grateful for this conversation with the fabulous career coach because it’s shined a light on me, my services, who I am, and what I want to be known for.

So with all this in mind, are your messages and marketing really clear?

Do people completely understand what you offer, have you moved and changed over the years, but the messages have stayed the same?

It’s always worth asking yourself the question. Or even better, ask other people what they think you do! They might just have more insight into your business than you do. Sometimes we are far too close to be objective and it takes another person to shine a light on us.

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