This is what your about me page should really say

This is a conversation I’ve been having with a few people over the past few weeks.

What should my about me page look like?

What should my about me page include?

Where should my about me page sit?

This Is What Your About Me Page Should Really Say.jpg

So, here’s the deal – your about me page is uber important. It’s where your future customers and clients can find out a little more about you, what makes you tick, what made you do what you do, why should they trust you?

And your about me page should have a place on your navigation bar. Make sure that people can find it easily and that it’s not hiding away somewhere in your footer!

As business owners, we need to be visible. People want to find out about you, they want to connect with you. And most importantly that want to build a relationship with you so that they can ‘know, like and trust you’.

Or even ‘know, love and trust’ you.

There is a well-worn phrase ‘people buy from people’, and it’s well worn for a reason, it’s true.

Think about where you most often buy your products and who you buy them from.

I bet you buy products from people and companies that you like. Whose values match yours. Who you feel safe with. Who you want to support by giving them your hard earned pennies.

About Me Page.jpg

Well, it is exactly the same with your customers!

And think about big brands. If you’ve ever worked with me or been in one of my workshops or lectures, you’ll know I love John Lewis.

In my mind, John Lewis is personified and she’s a woman. She’s always there when I need her, she gives me great advice, I can always find what I’m looking for, it’s always a pleasure hanging out with her, and I love her values.

I would happily go to John Lewis than most other shops. She gets me, and I get her.

That’s what you want from your customers – raving fans!

I want you to reframe your About Me page in your mind. I want you to think about your about me page as a ‘Why Me’ page.

And I want you to answer the questions; why would I shop with you, why do you do what you do, why are you passionate? And ultimately why would I choose you over the myriad of other people out there?

Bad about me pages, literally tell me things about schooling, past jobs, qualifications, but tell me nothing about why I would choose them.

And all that stuff does have a place, but after you’ve wowed me with your why. Then give me the credential stuff.

No-one wants to go to your website and read all about you. Your customers are there thinking ‘what can this person do for me’, so give them that. Let them know what you can do for them.

This simple re-framing will make a world of difference to your site, to how I engage with you, and will hopefully help me to build a relationship with you.

Looking for some inspiration for your About Me page? One of my lovely clients recently re-wrote hers and it’s a joy to read:

And I've also just re-written my about me page, so go take a look!